Merry Vintage Christmas

With a few ideas about get to started on how to begin celebrating the season; here it is. It is all about gathering family and friends, staying at home and sharing the best Christmas yet!

I will be featuring a few of my favourite table collections (which I think you’ll love too) that encourages you to create a relaxed food sharing experience this party season.

Under the Christmas tree, place thoughtful gifts for loved ones to open on Christmas morning – from popular and meaningful Vintage collectibles for gifting like a piece of Bone China, a Victorian tea sets and lots of blue and white and coffee mugs. Place candy and sweets in a cup, a candle, Ceylon Tea, or even a gift card.

It adds to the classic gift. Use a vintage; mix and match. You never know when someone’s vintage might be the gift that makes a difference in someone’s Christmas this year!

Pictured Above

One of a kind Vintage tea set by Baker Bros Meir bone China. A Victorian Floral Gilded 10 piece Tea Cup trio’s with extra Tea Side Plates. Made in England from the 1920’s. Back stamped.



The state or quality of being infinite.”the infinity of space.”

Endlessness, infinitude and infiniteness, Boundlessness, limitlessness and unlimitedness,

Infinity is extensiveness,

The vastness, immensity; its the distance.


Royal Doulton has created Infinity in their China. Throughout their history, Royal Doulton has introduced various luxury bone China collections at a value relating to specific elegant Tableware. Infinity is one of these elegant collection in these specific ranges of wares even for the most discriminating taste.

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Gold Chintz

Vintage Foreign mid century elegant Gold Chintz gilded Demitasse Tea or coffee Set In Porcelain Gold.

Excellent condition porcelain tea set with no chips, scratches, cracks, or crazing.

There is no show of wear. The gold trim shows no wear or loss. The part that is ‘white’ outside is under-glazed.

The ‘Foreign’ stamp was used by Hong Kong to specify imports from the commonwealth beginning in 1893 to identify goods coming into the UK. By 1923 all Import small porcelain manufacturers had their own mark.

(British Hong Kong was the period during which Hong Kong was under British Crown rule from 1841 to 1997 (excluding the Japanese occupation from 1941 to 1945). It was established as a Crown colony and later designated a British Dependent Territory in 1981.)

This Demitasse after dinner coffee or espresso set is containing a scene of classic maidens or nymphs in a woodland setting, in two of them a cupid is present behind a tree, or in one scene tied to a tree.

A reproduction artwork of Angelica Kauffmann (1741-1807): “Two nymphs mock cupid” while another nymph twists his bow.

Scenes are transfers or decals, not hand painted, charming romantic love theme with great appeal.

The service includes:

6 Tea Cups

6 Saucers

1 Sugar Bowl

1 Milk Jug

In good condition, no cracks, chips,or crazing.

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The Duchess Defined



the wife or widow of a duke.
a woman holding a rank equivalent to duke in her own right.

BRITISH informal
(especially among cockneys) an affectionate form of address used by a man to a girl or woman.

“‘Spotted a likely one, duchess?’”


Duchess Trio pattern 394. The cup, saucer and plate are in good condition. No chips, cracks or crazing.

Set includes

1 Cup

1 Saucer

1 Cake Plate


Royal Stafford Honey Bunch Trio

Villeroy & Boch

This Villeroy & Boch Geranium Porcelain dining sete was the breakfast service of Princess Diana.

A 31 piece Villeroy And Boch Geranium Dinner Set Made In Germany. Dishwasher safe in Mint Condition.

Description: white background with pale blue Rim. Introduced in 1992. Malva Shape. The Pattern: Geranium (Ribbed Rim) by Villeroy & Boch.

The dinner set includes:

1 Large Serving Tureen With Lid

6 Dinner Plates 26cm Diameter

6 Salad Plates 20.5cm Diameter

6 Soup Bowls 13.5cm Diameter

4 Large Café Coffee Cups 16cm Diameter

4 Large Café Coffee Saucers

2 Tea Cups

2 Saucers

In very good condition; no cracks, chips, scrapes or crazing on the enamel. The set appears to be unused.

This item will ship via Hermes in 3 Boxes. Other options are Collection In Person or send your own courier. Let me know your preference.

Villeroy And Boch began in the tiny Lorraine village of Audun le Tiche, where the iron master François Boch set up a pottery company with his three sons in 1748.


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Hathaway Rose

A rose with beautiful full double blooms,

With very attractive and frilly petals.

The blooms are good size;

clear, light and pink

In colour.

A high level of real rose


She lives to produce

An open centred shrub,

Of medium size, fine and stem,

A carrying light

And green leaves.

She is elegant and refined

No less; love of variety.

Repeating, budding and flowering.