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Christmas dinner is perhaps the most important meal of the year in most houses. It is a time for family and friends. They all return from the four corners of the world to be with their families for Christmas.

There are few occasions during the year when families are so fully reunited, hence the importance of the Christmas dinner table; when most of the chairs at the table will be filled.

Setting the perfect Christmas dinner table is different to setting a table at any other time of year, however formal the dinner, as the occasion calls for seasonal touches and decorations to make the meal festive and special.

Before you even begin to set the table, you should think about what colour scheme you want for your Christmas dinner table as this will help you choose the dinner plates. Having the right table cloth, crockery, cutlery and decorations.

Most people know that red and green are Christmassy colours, but if you want to do something a little different, you could go for purple and green, red and gold or even black and gold.

Setting the Table

So what will you need on the table? From a practical point of view, everyone will need a charger plate, side plates, a water glass, a wine glass, cutlery, a napkin and a soup bowl (if you’re serving soup!)

You’ll also need crockery for the table, serving utensils and placemats for hot dishes, Butter pat dish and bread plates. Mix and match your table, each person’s soup bowl does not have to match their charger plate.

Regardless, the most important thing about Christmas Dinner is….that you have enough plates and forks; that each guest should have at least two plates; a dinner plate and a side plate. That is your gift to them. It shows just how much you care you’ve taken.

Happy Holidays!


Japanese Imari

Imari porcelain was made in Japan and China beginning in the seventeenth century. In the eighteenth century and later, it was copied by porcelain factories in Germany, France, England, and the United States.

It was especially popular in the nineteenth century and is still being made. Imari is characteristically decorated with stylized bamboo, floral, and geometric designs in orange, red, green, and blue.

Japanese Imari had less details, darker colors, and less gold by the middle of the nineteenth century. The name comes from the Japanese port of Imari, which exported the ware made nearby in a factory at Arita.

Imari is now a general term for any pattern of this type


When he said, “I just want you to stay.” To do whatever it takes to keep me in you my arms. Stay with me even if times are challenging because I know you love me. I know that this is true. 

Working on a Further Leave to Remain to stay here with you. The application process means hundreds of questions; lots of requirements; meeting every one. Submissions of different documents, photos and proofs; it’s really me; it is a true test of wills where the equation is patience, endurance and emotions. 

Why does the truth require proof. I guess it means there are emotional forces here aligned with the strategy and purpose. I know the universe exist; Do I really need to know how the entire universe works? Can it be simplified into equations? 

I think some people speak as if the universe is something to be solved, but not experienced. Somehow I don’t believe equations take into factor human nature; or how we as humans tend to navigate by emotion and not always by logic or proof.

Logic if too constrained by rules is fundamentally flawed when applied to anything with a heart of its own because the heart is organic; yet a living matter. I am living matter. We are. And organic, with heart; perfect and flawed. 

So, I’ll get to stay 
Excited about what may
So we’ll never be apart
You have my whole heart
You are enough proof 
Love for all you do
Answer to the equation 
Love needs no explanation 
For you; This I am grateful;
For you; 

Still Standing


Who is that one in my life that holds such beauty in his love of me… of your passions, culture, the arts, and in your music and it’s all because I know you love me; I sit here remembering that this is the progress we must make; its towards our future, and it will be in these ancient Welsh landscapes, it’s where you will stand before me, so strong, waiting for my return.

I wasn’t born there, but sometimes I feel as I could have been when we roam the land, discovering tales that span, inspiring me with its beauty.

You made my life a paradise and I believe it’s a place where we all want to go; its that place we all seek to find someday. I found it there, with you.

Unfortunately I’ve had to return to America from Wales via London. I love Texas, but I love you more and with my Visa expired…but it’s only temporary; I will return soon, and so I will turn to you, to ask you to be my hero while I’m gone and I will be yours. Your enough for me just knowing that I have all your love, support and help in my time of need from this chaos that has spun.

No matter what tragedy comes our way, with both of us working together, it’s about hopeful hearts that rest within us that gives me the ability to overcome disaster and even though it’s an unexpected curveball; that’s just what happened and I know our lives will soon be restored like when Wales changes seasons, like what it does when it transforms in the spring changing to its summer.

You are not unlike a strong country, you are British, proud, intelligent, beautiful, timeless; a man who is way beyond his years, but still so young in your heart and mind and so full of life and such wondrous things.

How you have inspired me, making me dream of seeing you again soon. I want you to know that I love you and together our lives will be restored; because in our hearts and souls are one. We will be like the new roots and we will grow where even the old trees stood, and we, I know we will be still standing there too for many years to come among them.











Arthur’s Stone is Just north of the ridge summit of Cefn Bryn, there is a neolithic burial ground, known as “Arthur’s Stone” (Welsh: Maen Ceti). Its name comes from a legend that the ancient British King Arthur threw a large stone from Llanelli which landed on this spot.

It is believed that during the Bronze Age Cefn Bryn was used extensively for ceremonies and rituals. Beneath the bracken on the hill over sixty cairns have been discovered. Most of these are likely to be no more than collections of stones cleared by local farmers; but just north-west of Arthur’s Stone three prominent cairns have been excavated that prove their ancient role – the largest being Great Cairn, a circular heap of stones above a central grave.