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Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the fight for Welsh independence in the early 15th century
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Ancient Roman Britain

A Preface to “All the Colours of Green”


“And so its just me and the cat here

inside the mushroom now,

where it is safe and warm in this abode. It’s

where I will lay my head tonight,

sleep in his bed,

crying onto his pillow,

until he returns.”

from “All the Colours of Green
a novel by American Girl in Wales


It came as a surprise and shock to the many in my life, but to those who truly know me, to those who understand the need to begin healing thyself; they understood, the importance of starting life over; accepting change, relocating; wanting to pour out; to write and travel and in Wales.

Yes, an American girl from Texas moving to Wales. Oh God, I fit in here like a glove, living like true artist; writing all day, shopping just enough for what is needed for the day, staying up all night; talking; wine and smoking with music and lots of love and laughter.

It’s hard for anyone to leave Texas. Most people say about Texas, “I got here as fast as I could.”

I lost a husband to cancer, of 30 years, spent the last 7 years as his primary caregiver. The Alzheimer’s kicked in then the Parkinson’s. It was difficult, but my children were grown, with no other family members around. I had to make a change or flounder; I was not thriving, but not everyone heard me and my energy depleted; I felt as if I had nothing left in me.

I moved to Wales, it’s somewhere I could feel again then I can heal. I only knew one person here in this place; wondering if he could take on my being; this empty, fragile broken down soul in need of replenishment of self love, companionship; to be a part of the process, a healing process and a return to flow.

We spend so much of trying to do more and be more so our lives; to have “purpose” when really, our only purpose should be to simply love and be loved.

And now because of love, I am the girl who is working on being healthy, finding pleasure in life again. It’s perfect here, yet I am far from perfect but as I am learning: healthy means more than physically well. It means mentally and spiritually and Even these have become a positive in my life and that I have to give in order to get and that if I am to find love again; the gods will make it happen; for Love cannot be forced, only given when it’s given in return.

Love has become a great influence in my life and In each moment, by day and by night, I find myself immensely happy and celebrating being here. However, “here” is more than I could ever imagine; what love would become like, how it would look – but then I never imagined things could be this good. Funny how life works, isn’t it…. Enjoy and thanks for reading
~ Cheers,
Katie Murphy

Photos: Family of Wood Mushrooms,
Singleton Park, Swansea, Wales, UK

About Passion

The rolling fields of Brecon Beacons National Park are filled with evidence of many years of human history, including single standing stones, or menhirs, from the Bronze Age. Long grass-covered mounds, called cairns, mark stone-chambered Neolithic tombs. The remains of ancient stone circles, castles and Iron Age Celtic hill forts are found here.


The Welsh against the Norman’s; the conquest of 1066 sparked a wave of castle construction across Wales. Hundreds were thrown up to consolidate holds on Welsh lands.

It’s amount the color of balance and harmony and survival; about passion,of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the heart and mind.

Passion is all about the colours of growth, the color of spring, of renewal and rebirth. He has renewed my spirit; restored depleted energy. You have become my sanctuary; made my life worth living again.

And in this becoming, there has been someone; he saved me, he has restored me back to my sense of well being. He is the reason why I am here and on this green earth, and it’s why I am so emotional, and positive and new.

Its just about the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally and passionately.

Everything has Influence


“The county is named after the ancient Welsh/British Kingdom of Powy’s, which in the sixth century AD included the northern two thirds of the area as well as most of Shropshire and adjacent areas now in England, and came to an end when it was occupied by Llywelyn ap Gruffudd of Gwynedd during the 1260’s. The uplands retain evidence of occupation from long before the Kingdom of Powys, and before the Romans, who built roads and forts across the area.”



Everything has an influence, in that I have chosen to remain a bit green, open, and always ready to explore, discover and to stay naive.

It’s in scent and in the colors of grass reminds me of a wide open green field covered with sweet wild sunflowers.

And you and I always have a need for this, and you; that our life together will be like living on the edge of a cloud top of the mountain.

As it were a field of emeralds with fresh grass dotted with sheep, wild blackberry and the ancient oak trees everywhere.

I choose to be green with just a touch of ripening, embracing the differences of a mature ripe red fruit with acid taste.

” All the Colors of Green”
~ Everything has Influence

Colors of Green- intro


Hands suddenly against my flesh; its like seeing the color green for the first time. It’s a feeling and my breath comes in ever increasing gasps, the first time I came here; to see this country. With this feeling, like a first kiss, my arms embraced; And I want to write and wanting the ink to flow smoothly from the tip of my pen to the surface of the journal sheet and a new stamp; a dandelion ink stamp with its promise of possibility. Even though the words I write are not as beautiful, not inspiring as yours; I write nothing of worth, value, or profit really. But that is not important…all that really matters is that I am putting words on the page. They are there, permanent, in ink. They are my story waiting to be read or to burst into flames and take to the sky, falling and fading to the earth; sustaining the grass which grows and the dandelions that poke up their yellow heads a midst the colors of green. But I know now that dandelions catch and hold the sun in glass bottles on the kitchen counter and make a hole in your chest where your heart should be. Your fingers start to itch and you ache and think something is missing. Only if I could be more. I hope we are something, maybe you want just a little bit more; and i don’t know what it is. But if love and dandelions hold any weight, just know that I do love you. I always desperately wish to tell you, but i think you have figured it out for yourself. Just as I did not so long ago. Today the rain fell alongside the road, following our course all the way home. We laughed all weekend freely at ease in each other’s company. And if I let myself cry for all the right reasons when I realize my own humanity and stupidity. It was not, of course, all at once for stubbing my toe it was a bit of a struggle; uphill both ways. Although I hurt it in a fever of passion. I am my own worst enemy ad it will be alright. You see the big picture and I admire all the details with awe and wonder. I want to be the who dances every dance with you. To be civil in unity and I want you to be the one who goes with me to find the buried treasure and unlock worlds of unknown adventures. I want you to love and be loved. I love the way you make something beautiful and powerful and meaningful of your life. I wish for you days of hard work and that the work you love; to do it with all your heart and wouldn’t give up for the world. And I wish for you evenings filled with fun and significance and adventure, followed by nights of sweet dreams. I wish for you every happiness afforded. And all I can do is continue to write, hoping you find the meaning in the words. You are the reason and subject of my poetry and if I write the same words over and over again, without reason or rhyme, it would still have the same meaning; and those words that mean: You are simply all my colors of green and loved more and more. K Murphy.

Dinefwr Castle

Dinefwr Castle is Welsh
It overlooks the River Tywi,
It lies on a ridge of the northern bank,
With a steep drop of hundreds of feet down,
Where the river rises within the surrounds.

It rises to the slopes of Crug Gynan
In the Cambrian Mountains,
The face through the steep, southwesterly
Banking the rugged hills of the Forest,
Bordering between Ceredigion and Powys.

The mouth of the Tywi is its estuary
Guarded by Dinefwr Kingdom of Deheubarth.

Built by Lord Rhys ap Gruffydd, a king of Wales
Once where foundations of Roman forts were found,
And further north remains the Roman gold mines,
of Dolaucothi.

Lord Rhys was this ruler of the kingdom
Of South Wales from 1155 to 1197,
Owner, the title “Proprietary Prince of Deheubarth,”
Or “Prince of Wales”, and dominant power.

Until forced to submit to King Henry II
Of England when Henry invaded in 1163,
Stripped Lord of all his lands, a prisoner,
For a few weeks, then released, reinstated,
And the land and crown returned,
Rightfully so.