Sadler Blue Willow

This is a vintage ginger jar, tea caddy is decorated with a Chinoiserie, Blue Willow pattern. The underside is stamped “Sadler England” and would date to the 1930s.

Good Morning Wales – Proper Trimmings

Good Morning Wales,

Where were my manners, “Oh Dear.” 

This morning the gardeners came to take care of the grass and manicure the shrubbery.  There are two of them. Both different, but both very Welsh. One is in the front grooming the roses and the other in back whacking and trimming  the boxwood shrubs. 

They are doing a really nice job. So I told him, the head gardener. And he replied, “thank you, except my man in front working on the roses hasn’t had his tea.” 

So then I apologised for not offering. He said that’s all right; where you from… America? What part?”  

I replied, “Texas.”

He said, ” ah, no tea there, yeah?” Two sugars and lots of milk, he replied. 

Both of us laughing about it and agreeing. I went right to it, making their tea. I served them both, tea and biscuits; Two sugars and lots of milk in large tea mugs; apologising for my shortcomings. 

They were grateful, they even brought their dishes back in and set them on the counter and then thanking me. 

Good thing I had picked up a box of tea biscuits, (cookies) yesterday at the Shops or I really would be in a bad way with the gardeners. 

I would certainly hate for them to feel deprived of a proper tea with biscuits while trimming the shrubbery. 

Photo: Mosaiculture Exhibition

Stone Circles

To imagine, to live the life you have so longed desired, becoming aware of everything around you, where living comes alive, to hold it in moments of the absolute.  

Where there is no question about the purpose of your life or await your rebirth or the wonder when your soul will ever be unveiled in its renewal. 

When your love and direction as sure as a grain of sand; knowing each grain will eventually fall through the hour glass. Then all you have to do is turn it and all of life will go on. 

To be as sure as a new day begins watching the splendours of the sun as it rises in the morning and sets in the evening in the glory of its magnitude. 

It comes with the clarity, in the dawn of knowledge, there will come the repeating, the surety and repetitions of each new day; us together for a thousand more years to come. 

As it will surly come with the realisation that you and I are the parts of these parts that are inclusive our lives and to this existence. 

Growing with you, feeding you, feeding me; every bit aware of our habitat that is so vital to our survival is here and now; solid as a rock. 

photo: Gorsedd Stone Circle, 4/22/15

Gorsedd Stone Circle was first erected in Singleton Park in 1925 for the National Eisteddfod of Wales’ Proclamation Ceremony on July 02 of that year. The circle was later enlarged for the Eisteddfod’s revisit to Swansea in 1964 to allow more people to participate in the Proclamation Ceremony.

Victory March


So after all was said and done, I was to be in American girl in Wales for real. The business was done here in America and in tomorrow  I’ll be travelling to be with you once again for good. 

It’s been 13 weeks since we looked into each other’s eyes, the last time I saw you, we were barely able to say goodbye; it was humbling, it was where I would begin to long for you, missing your being, of this last meeting between us; quite literally, it had left me dimmed. 

It felt like I was having a silent conversation with myself and all the voices in my head that was all that was left hanging in the air, leaving me with only minutes that stretched into our last few peaceful moments together. 
But now I’m bursting at the seams and the excitement of returning to Wales, I can feel it in my bones; I’m breaking out!

It’s a warmth that feels like a thousand fires blazing within me tonight for the first time in weeks the air is filled with anticipation and without doubt. 

Now I swear that tendrils of my heart are flowing out of my soul, as if I were leafing a triumphant victory march, twirling a baton upon the sand. It’s the impression that you would get like when if you leading a parade and the whole world is in my hand. 

I am so happy as if I can almost feel my heart wants to rip right through my chest. How can I not share all this excitement that I feel…

Though I try I just can’t seem to keep the floodgates from breaking open and expressing all my feelings; so I reveal them. I hope you don’t mind. 

Such a jubilation shouldn’t lie dormant. Feel my warmth encompassing the seeds that we have sewn. The spring has come and soon the blossoms will open once again with the gushing scent just divine. 

There are no words that could explain what I have found.  I love you.