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Merry Vintage Christmas

With a few ideas about get to started on how to begin celebrating the season; here it is. It is all about gathering family and friends, staying at home and sharing the best Christmas yet!

I will be featuring a few of my favourite table collections (which I think you’ll love too) that encourages you to create a relaxed food sharing experience this party season.

Under the Christmas tree, place thoughtful gifts for loved ones to open on Christmas morning – from popular and meaningful Vintage collectibles for gifting like a piece of Bone China, a Victorian tea sets and lots of blue and white and coffee mugs. Place candy and sweets in a cup, a candle, Ceylon Tea, or even a gift card.

It adds to the classic gift. Use a vintage; mix and match. You never know when someone’s vintage might be the gift that makes a difference in someone’s Christmas this year!

Pictured Above

One of a kind Vintage tea set by Baker Bros Meir bone China. A Victorian Floral Gilded 10 piece Tea Cup trio’s with extra Tea Side Plates. Made in England from the 1920’s. Back stamped.


Crown Trent

Crown Trent Fine Bone China from Staffordshire England. The tea set is present in a rose and daisy wreath pattern. 5 Tea Cups trio’s Crown with Cups, saucers and cake plates.

The Trent Fine Bone China Tea Set Trio’s is a 17 Piece Tea Set.

The service includes:

5 Tea Cups

1 Saucers

6 Tea Plates

Rose And Daisy swags With gilt trim wreath on a white background. The china is decorated with roses, pink rosebuds in a floral wreath pattern.

The service would grace any table or occasion.

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Made in China

Chinese Blue White Teapot. Vintage

Chinese Blue Porcelain Teapot Mid Century

Octagon Hand Painted With

Chrysanthemum Top.

Deep, High And Wide.

Round ornate floral lid.

Blue octagon geometric around front and back with blue flowers.

Blue lotus spout. Porcelain handle with “O.” Some light fading around the base due to age.

Stamp on base: “Made in China.”

Love Ewe

Love means to be included in all…

It does not divide, and I think it’s meant to unite us. 

With a team of two; love can conquer. 

It is an admiration and acceptance with grace. 

And above all; respect even in spite of differences.

Love is inclusion and a boundless amount of forgiveness, energy and giving…

Thank you for including me in your life and for all you do. 

Love Ewe. 

For my Valentine.

February 13, 2016

Still in my head

Rhosilli Bay, Wales

The sheep upon cliffs along it’s stride,

The sand caresses their side,

Grazing the hills to and fro,

Nor even a care where they go.
While the days gently float by,

Underneath this Welsh sky,

It’s as if the waves start in the heavens,

Makes my heart open.
On days like these,

Across this Celtic sea,

Everything feels ok,

I have come to terms with the day.
I’ve spent enough time on the other shore

This is home now; smiling and happy,

I’ll be in Wales from now on

Here asleep at night in my own bed,

Safe together; dreaming about us 

Next to you; where you stay 

Still within my head.

Norbutt and Doris at Home

Everything in Wales has an influence to the nature of life; to its people, in that I find myself so close to earth. I think it was just a reason to be happy and so it seems to me that it’s more like a celebration of life and spirit; It’s why I love it here with Jim. 
We are in our new house. There is beautiful scenery and the one I love is here and it’s why I have chosen to stay and remain; perhaps a bit green, to be open to everything, and to be always ready to explore, discover and to stay naive. I love Swansea and The Gower. It’s scent and all the colours of hills dotted with white face sheep cover the wide open marshes. 

I will always have a need for the Beauty here and for Jim; that our life together will be like living on the edge of a cloud top in the mountains. As it were a vale of emeralds with its hills with our new sheep; Norbutt and Doris and wild blackberry bushes and the ancient oak trees everywhere, and in our new home; finally.