So, I am getting on with the French lessons. In the 10th week. Mostly it’s all been learning the feminine and masculine words. Occasionally I get a verb!

The word Lumière means ‘light’ and was first claimed by the French in the 12th century. It gained new meaning during le siècle des Lumières (the Age of Enlightenment) of the 18th century, symbolising the illumination of human intellect after the ‘dark’ Middle Ages.


Light Captured

The sudden light of cloudburst sprinkles and pastel hues and hopscotch lines creating rainbow designs is the question in the artists eyes while nature answers to her why’s; what is this Light?
Is it electromagnetic radiation that is visible and perceivable by the human eye?
Is it the colours between red and violet.
Does it have frequencies of terahertz, wavelengths and nanometers; equal to one billionth of a metre?
Is there is the sensation of perceiving light; it is brightness and sudden light; the medium of illumination…is that what makes sight possible.
There is the illumination where it’s derived from a source of light; the light from the moon and the pathway of light and when illumination of another when standing in the light.
There is daylight, dawn and daybreak and windows that admit illumination in with architecture and openings that divide panes in a glass.
What about the light that provides information or clarification to research that produces new light on a question. Enlightenment, brightness and countenance.
Light can be a state of awareness or understanding derived from the light of an experience and Spiritual awareness. Is it possible there light can be a guiding spirit or divine presence in each of us?
Perhaps light is a way of looking at or considering a matter; an aspect or perhaps even a way to see into a situation in a different light.
To understand other’s individual opinions means to allow choices and standards; to accept the capacities of others with those who act according to their own light and with equal respect of those who are different. Could that be the light of insight; of understanding, information, and ideas.
They say light is a being; a form of energy; that light creates light and when another form of energy is supplied; There it becomes incandescence. It’s the vibration of entire atom and that luminescence comes from the electron.
This light of energy is illuminating just as the sun enlightens the earth. With light and energy it becomes clear to the intellect or conscience allowing us to shed the light of truth and knowledge.
With the increase of knowledge; it enlightens the mind and our understanding; easing heavy burdens and difficulties we bare; borne and done. That is to be that one who we seek to be; light of heart; graceful, agile and light.
To be that one light even it’s only to that one person; or to the many they inspire; or the one whom we adore. To be the one who lights up our lives and gives it back in return. It is that kind of light that sets us on fire; it is an igniting, a kindling and a burning and a receiving of light.

I watch the sun late in the afternoon, nature and the woods luminous with golden beams streaming through the trees, answering my questions while capturing nature in this light.

Thank you for reading.


The aura of power, of knowledge and of command and to be confident in the sense that we are whatever we choose to be… To be that light of the humankind and to be prepared to face anything. 

I think more and more people are finding themselves are more involved in the human part of working in their jobs more than they realise. I am finding communication and collaboration is really an everyday part of working with people and the colleagues within my company; its not just the new customers and people we come in contact with just once. 

I have been working for the Trust in Wales now going on four month now. It has been a journey of discovery; finding working and collaborating with others can be very challenging, but it has been very rewarding too. It requires a lot of effort and hard work, but at the same time; it is very exciting as well. I have learned a great deal including patience and understanding and to some it might even be a new language. 

It’s easy to judge. It’s more difficult to understand. Understanding requires compassion, patience, and a willingness to believe that good hearts sometimes choose poor methods. Through judging, we separate. Through understanding, we grow.

Believe it or not when I first arrived in Wales; I could not understand a word of Welsh English and Im sure some of the Welsh still can’t understand what I say either! There are still words and phrases I hear that are interpreted differently. In Texas, not everything we say is meant litterally; we are just very friendly and polite. But here; when they say, “Would you care for Tea?” They say, “I wouldn’t mind.” Then every one stops what they were doing and has a break and a small meal with tea.

Living in Wales or any new place really requires highly developed written and verbal communication skills. Working in recruiting in Wales has given me the opportunity to improve these skills. 

Although there has been challenges, it has been very interesting and pleasant too because it is a job that gives me the opportunity to learn about the recruiting process in a very different culture and it has helped me to better understand how things work while given the chance to be in contact with other people all the time.

I really enjoy my job and it is a good one and its one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Learning the language of expression is not simply interpreted in definition ; but listening to what they say and what they mean could be totally different things. Because of this, I have become a better listener.  So, I think I am starting to get it; about collaboration. 

I think I have figured out that good communication is more than just part of the job and its about how well we relate with others. It’s a creative art and art takes passion and it takes lots practice and time 

Sometimes I enjoy writing about my thoughts, and with the intent to develop my skills. I am trying to be better at the small things like communicating; and maybe that is all I can do, with the hope that others understand too. 

Could it be that when I write; its  more about sharing my thoughts, ideals and passions… Perhaps, when I write that it might be more about giving others a better insight to who I really am; and that they might see my human side of my heart. Isn’t that what others are curious about? Isn’t that what the readers really want to read about … To know that we all a little broken and a humbled when we share our human experiences and to feel what we feel? 

“We are all broken—that’s how the light gets in.” ~ Ernest Hemingway. 

Thank you for reading my ramblings.  

From American Girl in Wales

Thank you for reading.