Oh Chihuahua

“I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget.~ Erin Van Vuren

We all got new coats for Christmas. Santa Julien was very generous as usual. No one gets left out. Somehow I don’t think the kids took a fancy to their new Doggy snow suits with arms and legs.

I thought they looked wonderful and fit great. But once we suited them up; they wouldn’t even budge. You’d think by looking at them they just wanted to die.

Oh little chihuahua’s, it’s  not so difficult is it?


Harrowing Fields

To set the harrowing field

The implement for breaking up 

Of old ways; an old soil to be reclaimed;

It’s smoothing out of the surface

Of new things brought forth. 
In this way it is distinct 

Harrowing has its effect, like a plough 

That is used for deep tillage

Harrowing the field. 

It is the making over of a rough finish; 

The purpose is to break up clods,

Remaking lumps of soil 

To provide a finer finish, 

A better structure,

Suitable for the greater good. 
It it a removing of the weeds

It is Planting and replanting,

Covering the seed

And the sowing. 
Like a pupil or apprentice 

A seedbed to be prepared, 

Learning instead of disturbing, 

Teaching instead of distracting. 
A harrowing is not to wound, 

But meant to endure change,

A feeling not without a cause,

It is for growing and not for defeating 

And the willingness 

To never settle for less.