Blue and White

There is a true allure of collecting blue and white pottery. I believe it is that some people like myself…just love it. I love the design, the color, and the patterns.

Many have traveled across oceans; traded for a meal; served our family’s and Royalty. As our lives change; then suddenly we are able to appreciate the culture behind the art of the potter, instead of the pot being merely useful.

Old plates, vases and teapots, I think, have a secret history; I can imagine dinners with a silent backstory of conversations over tea and cake. Presentation is important. Make a fuss! It’s a shows love and respect to your family and your guests.

If you are going to collect blue and white; Buy pre-loved and or pre-owned. It’s keeps old pots out of landfills; recycle and reuse. We have to be mindful of our environment too.

My eyes have been caught up by the simple beauty of every day common pottery made remarkable by the colour blue and the brilliance of shape.

This is my table and I’m just getting started.

Minimalist Buddha

We found this Buddha sculpture In Swansea the other day. I didn’t really know what kind of Buddha it was, but something spoke to me to take it home.

This minimalist beautiful art figurine depicts a Zen Buddha sitting in meditation. The artist utilises a unique design that suggests meditation, as the heart and mind rise above the loins. Hand-carved from suar wood.

The Buddha sits in meditation with no focus on the details of the eyes, nose and mouth. It was designed a detail-less which adds to the magic of the whole.

You can place a Buddha wherever it can be noticed by the eyes of another; it’s calming and serene. Often it will allow for holistic sensations and hence praise is bound to be received by you.

To me, a Zen Buddha is serene every which way you look at it. It’s very beautiful; one of the most extraordinary I’ve found so far.

Zen traces its origins to India but it was formalized in China. Chan, as it is known in China, was transmitted to Japan and took root there in the thirteenth century.

Chan was enthusiastically received in Japan, especially by the Samurai that wielded political power at this time, and it became the most prominent form of Buddhism between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries.

The immigrant Chinese prelates were educated men, who introduced not only religious practices but also Chinese literature, art, sculpture, calligraphy, philosophy, and ink painting to their Japanese disciples, who often in turn traveled to China for further study.

Poet Heart

Oh my poet-heart, is there still time for Paris
Where the sweet wind wandering goes?

Round each corner; the trees in airy flight
Nights bathed in amber light.

Low at my feet the winding sidewalks behold
Valley and town drenched, entranced in deep repose.

Has there ever existed such a more beautiful place…
None with more appeal; even when it rains.

But I know how softly on the music plays
Where mosses creep; where our love is not far.

A place where we are free
Flinging forth our memories with ease

Traveling to Paris in the car…
With my poet heart in the breeze.

Object Of Affection

Intoxicatingly lingering

With the deep impact of life.

It is he that still hears me,

A voice never forgetting.

You come with a resiliency

It never trembles,

We are the ones who love

For what other reason

Than to love.

For else is to be forgiven.

Its the object of love becoming

In the adulation of our affection,

An allegiance of amour,

In appreciation undeniably.

This is our awaking soon

It’s an ardency, ardor,

An attachment, cherishing,

My crush of delight.

You have my devotedness,

My devotion and emotion,

And this life of enchantment,

Like life into the womb

This life to begin anew

And you; Thee,

The object of my affection.



Sometimes we get confused in words. They can get lost in the depths of our mind; of memories gone by. 

Perhaps something that was said, but wasn’t meant or intended; To be written or read nor repeated. When is a weakness is to be forgiven. Forgiven. 
What remains in our lives isnot that of reality, simply a remnant of time; a fragment lost in a moment of many moments. 

Sometimes, all we need is that one friend. That one of few that our breath catches; like in distant remembrance, wanting. There, a friendship can begin in a act of kindness, maybe it starts with a smile. Smiles. 

Who is that one, my friend; that person, perhaps working hard…With that laugh that pierces my heart. I have found a such a friend. Friends. 
But what one forgets to realize is, such memories relived in the mind, can continue to rejuvenate energies. Energies. 

A thought or word of someone of a time remembered; gone and long by, is not necessarily literature;  Words, but use these words without harm or intention for they are not meant with motive or malice; For these things; they serve no purpose. Purpose. 

Each one of us needs to help each other, 
To overcome; sometimes it’s painful, but compassion is meant to open our eyes, to awaken to the beauty of this moment.
Of that moment. Moments.
For when we are in the present, it is when one can truly find our happy. Perhaps it’s for the very first time when I can find these words to say. 
When do we find the true meanings of life; and are misunderstandings always meant to be understood? They are not always written.  Written. 

But what is true; are the good people; that try to help us. They give real meaning to our lives. And in those words not mentioned, And in words left unsaid; With sorrow still; taken back, yet unwritten, to be left unwritten; stay unwritten.

Don’t Try So Hard

Don’t Try So Hard ….when you love someone so much, you don’t have to try so hard to please. It should just come naturally. 

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