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Christmas dinner is perhaps the most important meal of the year in most houses. It is a time for family and friends. They all return from the four corners of the world to be with their families for Christmas.

There are few occasions during the year when families are so fully reunited, hence the importance of the Christmas dinner table; when most of the chairs at the table will be filled.

Setting the perfect Christmas dinner table is different to setting a table at any other time of year, however formal the dinner, as the occasion calls for seasonal touches and decorations to make the meal festive and special.

Before you even begin to set the table, you should think about what colour scheme you want for your Christmas dinner table as this will help you choose the dinner plates. Having the right table cloth, crockery, cutlery and decorations.

Most people know that red and green are Christmassy colours, but if you want to do something a little different, you could go for purple and green, red and gold or even black and gold.

Setting the Table

So what will you need on the table? From a practical point of view, everyone will need a charger plate, side plates, a water glass, a wine glass, cutlery, a napkin and a soup bowl (if you’re serving soup!)

You’ll also need crockery for the table, serving utensils and placemats for hot dishes, Butter pat dish and bread plates. Mix and match your table, each person’s soup bowl does not have to match their charger plate.

Regardless, the most important thing about Christmas Dinner is….that you have enough plates and forks; that each guest should have at least two plates; a dinner plate and a side plate. That is your gift to them. It shows just how much you care you’ve taken.

Happy Holidays!

About Silver Teapots

An old English antique silver teapot is a lovely addition and very Shabby Chic addition in any home. I bought this one the other day. I was looking for something to put fresh cut flowers in for my table. But when I found this Teapot it was black with soot and grime.

What was I thinking? But anyway I decided to clean it only to only to discover it was real Silver…. an old English Silver maker; Mappin and Webb…. and

Just think… I was was going to put flowers in it after I cleaned the ole Mappin; We tested her… Jim heated the water. I watched her steam up nicely, holding in the heat. We poured. A cuppa of Ceylon tea. We added sugar; stirred. I sipped and closed my eyes. The taste was lovely.

It’s not all that hard to keep it in good working order and only requires minimal effort. Regular use and washing will prevent stains and tarnish from developing.

Wash the teapots in warm water with a mild, non-lemon scented dish washing soap, according to the English Silver smiths.

How to Clean a Silver Teapot

Step 1

Wet a cellulose sponge with water and wring it out. If the opening of the teapot is too small for your hand, wrap the sponge around a dowel or small spatula.

Step 2

Apply a quarter-size dollop of silver cleaning cream to the sponge. Silversmiths recommend using Silver Cream as a safe, mild cleaning agent.

Step 3

Rub the inside of the teapot with the sponge to remove tarnish and tea stains. Push the sponge into the teapot with the dowel if necessary.

Step 4

Dip a cotton swab in cleaning cream. Wipe the spout with the cotton swab to clean it.

Step 5

Rinse the teapot in warm water and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Removing Tough Stains

Step 6

Fill teapot with warm water.

Step 7

Drop one denture cleaning tablet in the water. Wait ten minutes. The effervescing action of the denture tablet loosens tough stains and tarnish from the teapot.

Step 8

Pour the water into the sink and rinse the teapot with warm water. Gently brush any remaining stains with a wet brush.

Step 9

Dry the teapot with a soft cloth.

Columbia Road 

My favourite flower is the peony. When I look at what creation has made I see such amazing examples right here on a Sunday; in the middle of London on Columbia Road at the Flower Market…and it was my birthday today. 

These peony flowers spring up to life, nurtured by the sun, water, and soil; A proclamation of the glory of artistry from the earth. They grow and multiply until they reach their glorious peak of colours; everyone orchestrated by creations hand. 

It is the artists that praise your beauty, imitating only to try to capture glory with paint on canvas. For in their eyes you are imagination aspiring. But I wonder can a wildflower not compete with you too? 

Achieving such harmony of tones of contrast require skill and mastery. To be so effective on more levels than the simply aesthetic. I often find myself overcome with joy at the wonder of you. 

Almost as if serenity is evoked only by the specific use of colour scheme nature has made. 

I appreciated the flower market for it’s beauty, thank you… it brought me closer to you. In the heart of a relationship, we are like a peony flower taking root and I feel that I am valued in your eyes. No longer do we compete with the weeds that hinders the growth of our dreams.

We are like the peonies on Columbia Road; we were planted, we are here to live, to love and grow; to become one in a life that is beautiful and creative; for we are here to thrive and if we nurture each other, like the peony…none of us will never fade or wither. 


– American Girl in Wales. 

Ode to Living


There are places as light as the breeze

It’s a healing kind of place and a softness 
Like the blues of myth and myrrh. 
Wales is a smile that plays continuously 
Across thin curving sweet lips. 

It’s almost like a discovery;

Finding a shelf of captains logs,

Where books of shipwrecks were once kept
Preserved in waters so deep. 
Complete with charts, compass and sexton
Used to navigate a sea of treasures 

Recording the many lives we keep,

Of those in our hearts 

But never lost in the steep. 

But still, they open their birth 
Not in a silence, but in wind and song
Singing praises of those in our memory
Who were once here, but are now gone
Captivated in wordless rhythms
Of our hearts.
And there, to my great surprise;

Each person and lyric is to be remembered,

So, we began to hum and sing,
Chanting of life, land and the sea 
Of hope and love and you

It’s an ode to living life

And things yet to be.