The state or quality of being infinite.”the infinity of space.”

Endlessness, infinitude and infiniteness, Boundlessness, limitlessness and unlimitedness,

Infinity is extensiveness,

The vastness, immensity; its the distance.


Royal Doulton has created Infinity in their China. Throughout their history, Royal Doulton has introduced various luxury bone China collections at a value relating to specific elegant Tableware. Infinity is one of these elegant collection in these specific ranges of wares even for the most discriminating taste.

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Melba Daisy

Melba China Daisy
Tea Set In violets pattern.
A 1921 Royal
Art Deco Mayer & Sherratt
12 Piece
A Service for 4.

Porcelain, bone and clay
Made for me and Tea
An Early 20th Century Design.

By Mayer And Sherratt
From Longton, Stoke On Trent,
England’s Old Foley Style
A Daisy Tea Cup
Named Melba.

Melba is all hexagonal,
She is fluted And Scalloped
Thin and finely dressed
Ready for high Tea.

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Minerva by Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton Minerva range which dates from 1989.


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Royal Adderley or Queen Anne

Rare Royal Adderley Tea Trio cup from Ridgeway potteries. It is a Beautiful vintage stamp defect in bone china ceramic tea cup. Except the saucer and cake plate are stamped Terra Nova Queen Anne England. However it is a brilliant match. Why would they miss match such fine pieces of bone china? A manufacturer defect perhaps.

I discovered from researching “The Potteries” that The ‘Queen Anne’ trade name introduced by Ridgeway Potteries around 1950 was used 1966. The trade name was retained by Allied English Potteries Ltd and was used by Ridgway Potteries and was still in use by Royal Doulton until 1981. Ridgway Potteries were in the same group as Shore & Coggins and they also used the trade name ‘QUEEN ANNE.

So Royal Adderley And Queen Anne were from Ridgeway Potteries.

Standard size tea cup and saucer. Can combine post. Very good condition. No chips or cracks.

Royal Worcester

Worcester is a city

In the central of England

West Midlands is the region.

By the River Severn,

A medieval village

Is Worcester.

Born from earthworks and local

Came Cathedral’s, royal tombs,

With crypts and cloisters

And where pottery Rose

Became Porcelain and Bone China.

It traces the evolution

It’s back from the Middle Ages.

The History of England

Even survived Civil War to the 1950s.

Then Timber-framed and Tudor;

A focus on life in the Tudor style

The way of 17th-century life

Of Worcester days; a fancy teacup

With displays on tradition;

Tea, brewing, basket weaving

And a pottery born fine bone

So graced With a grandeur

To name it Royal and Worcester.

The Duchess Defined



the wife or widow of a duke.
a woman holding a rank equivalent to duke in her own right.

BRITISH informal
(especially among cockneys) an affectionate form of address used by a man to a girl or woman.

“‘Spotted a likely one, duchess?’”


Duchess Trio pattern 394. The cup, saucer and plate are in good condition. No chips, cracks or crazing.

Set includes

1 Cup

1 Saucer

1 Cake Plate


Shelley My Love

“I have drunken deep of joy,

And I will taste no other wine tonight.”

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Shelly My Love

Rod Stewart


Shelly my love

I only long to be where you are

Shelly my love

Now and forevermore

Shelly my love

When I see you I catch fire

And soon I’m all aflame

I feel it start

Whenever you call my name

All around I feel a passion

That thrills my very soul

I put it down

To that I love you so

Shelly my love

I only long to be where you are

Shelly my love

Now and forevermore

Shelly my love

Oh Shelly my love

All around I feel a passion

That thrills my very soul

I put it down

To that I love you so

Oh Shelly my love

Percy Shelley Potter (1860 – 1937) was an English potter and a major force in developing Shelley Potteries. He was born in Longton, Staffordshire. He attended Owen’s College, Manchester and then London University, where he gained a B.A. degree.