Atomic Starburst

Vintage Retro atomic starburst gilded tea set. Set of 4. Raspberry coloured starburst on a white background in white bone china. The tea set is unbranded but each piece is stamped “bone china” MADE IN ENGLAND.

Each piece has a number in sequence as if were accounted for or for inventory, but no brand.

Each piece is decorated with small starbursts and gold gilding round the edges. The set includes:

4 Tea Cups

4 saucers

4 Cake plates

1 complimentary saucer

The condition is not perfect, but for its age its been around. Almost 70 years old. The starburst design craze began In the 1940’s. One of the cups has a tiny hairline chip and another with a chip in the gilding on the extra cake plate. They are barely visible so please see the photos.

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Peonies are outrageous

Beautiful in bloom,

Such lush foliage,

They last all summer long.

A perennial no doubt

They live longer than we do;

So they have been known to thrive,

Living more than 100 years.

A peony requires little maintenance

With roots that are planted firmly,

Given a chance to grow,

They will establish their ground.

And to their life; it is to be worthwhile;

It is to the peonies only purpose;

Is that to be beautiful you know;

They take my breath away.

What is a Peony’s rule for success…

It’s is simply this; Given to full sun,

A well-drained soil; of course; water,

And a little bit of love.

What is it?

Vintage Japanese Marked Gilded Elegant Peony Rose Mid Century Accent Bowl. Beautiful pinks, yellow and pink enamel heavy gilding. The style is a rare square shape scalloped edges with a round base.

This vintage bowl is stamped hand painted. It has gold gilt with scalloped edges.

The bowl has the Japanese stamp is known for imports Marked on the backside. These pieces all date to the 1930’s, so I am assuming this to be in the same age range. There are flowers painted on both sides of the bowl.

Brand: Unknown

Color: Deep Gilded lined Flower peony buds over the edges wIth pink peony flowers on a Yellow background with Gold Gild.

Size: Measures approximately 6 x 6 in.

Material: Porcelain

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Minerva by Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton Minerva range which dates from 1989.


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Colclough Pink Roses

A Sandwich plate made by Colclough (England) Bone China. The plate is scalloped shape and id decorated with pink roses and small yellow flowers with a gilded rim.

The Sandwich plate is marked on the base ‘Colclough Bone China.’ Made in England. This printed mark dates to 1945-1948. The pattern number is CLC67.

The plate is in very good condition. There are no chips, cracks, or crazing, and very light signs of use or wear. The gilding on the handle is very nice.


1 Sandwich Plate

Dimensions: 22 cm x 21 cm

Love Story

A Love Story on Bone China, Perhaps a Courting Couple Scene depicting a Victorian Couple sitting on a bench as talks to the beautiful lady.

Vintage Adams Collectible Tea Set in Chintz in the Lord Nelson Style Tea Set. It is Transfer ware from 1900-1950’s. The stamp mark on the Plates match the year according to The Potteries; the approximate period it comes from. The illustration is from a famous painting. It signed by the painter and is an historical theme.

The picture appears to be that of an Edwardian couple who were likely to be courting. (Note: I cannot verify the painting or the people in the painting.)

The gilded gold pieces are Chintz design and are all Marked: “Adams Estd. 1657 England.” The set is in good condition, no cracks or chips.

Vintage. This set would be ideal for brides; Tea on the wedding day, bridal parties, bride dress fittings, bridal luncheons, bridal breakfast, showers, teas and hen parties and ideal for bridal shops.

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Royal Adderley or Queen Anne

Rare Royal Adderley Tea Trio cup from Ridgeway potteries. It is a Beautiful vintage stamp defect in bone china ceramic tea cup. Except the saucer and cake plate are stamped Terra Nova Queen Anne England. However it is a brilliant match. Why would they miss match such fine pieces of bone china? A manufacturer defect perhaps.

I discovered from researching “The Potteries” that The ‘Queen Anne’ trade name introduced by Ridgeway Potteries around 1950 was used 1966. The trade name was retained by Allied English Potteries Ltd and was used by Ridgway Potteries and was still in use by Royal Doulton until 1981. Ridgway Potteries were in the same group as Shore & Coggins and they also used the trade name ‘QUEEN ANNE.

So Royal Adderley And Queen Anne were from Ridgeway Potteries.

Standard size tea cup and saucer. Can combine post. Very good condition. No chips or cracks.

Royal Worcester

Worcester is a city

In the central of England

West Midlands is the region.

By the River Severn,

A medieval village

Is Worcester.

Born from earthworks and local

Came Cathedral’s, royal tombs,

With crypts and cloisters

And where pottery Rose

Became Porcelain and Bone China.

It traces the evolution

It’s back from the Middle Ages.

The History of England

Even survived Civil War to the 1950s.

Then Timber-framed and Tudor;

A focus on life in the Tudor style

The way of 17th-century life

Of Worcester days; a fancy teacup

With displays on tradition;

Tea, brewing, basket weaving

And a pottery born fine bone

So graced With a grandeur

To name it Royal and Worcester.