Happy Thanksgiving in America

Can you feel the weather changing? I can and it beginning to feel like the holidays here in Swansea Wales. And yes, of course it is raining! But nevertheless, yesterday I ventured out to visit the shops and they all have their Christmas decorations on now and they are so beautiful! It makes me want to start decorating.

Except when I returned to my car; I was handed a parking violation for going 30 minutes over my time limit! It’s a no wonder anyone can get any shopping done! It might be unfortunate, but those Christmas collectables might have to stay on the shelf a little longer. Maybe, Swansea could suspend parking violations in the Quadrant throughout the holidays. Is’t that a great idea? Well, we will we never know because I don’t think it will ever happen . So I will have to start from scratch with all my Christmas decorations purchase

The fact that I am even here in Swansea, it still simply amazes me. After all; who moves to Swansea from Texas? Hardly  anyone! At least that’s what everyone here tells me; especially if your a girl and from Dallas, Texas. It’s true I was born there and sometimes we just have to take a chance to see what will happen not really knowing what the outcomes might be. But now that I’m here in Swansea; and i love it here and I’d do it again.

Yesterday, it was Thanksgiving Day in America. Sometimes people ask me if I miss it. My reply is; “I miss people, but not things.” Besides I’m happy here with Jim and the doggies.  Some days the past is still a blur and there are future and still unwritten; I don’t think we are meant to know everything until it happens. I think anticipation demands that you look towards the future and take chances.

Although sometimes my emotions get in the way. Like the first time I arrived in the UK, landing at Heathrow…good heavens! I was so lost and overwhelmed with Gates and terminals only allowing access to certain trains, buses and taxi’s. Oh boy was I proved wrong whereas I thought Dallas/Ft. Worth International was big. Driving in Texas is so much easier because the roads are so wide; which makes it easier to get to all the shops to do your christmas shopping.

Christmas shopping in America is so much easier too!  The day after thanksgiving is Black Friday and the malls every where are  usually open by 7:00 A.M. in the morning and close at 12:00 P.M. during this  holiday week end.

Black Friday in America has lots of sales and buy-one-get-one free schemes. Plus, in Texas you don’t have to pay for parking and worry about how long you leave your car parked as long as you are shopping.

But I’m here in Swansea now and I love it and nothing seems to get in the way of reality. Some days I go from being over- confident and strong-willed, to warm and open-minded, to less tense and less apprehensive.
I love the beauty, it’s culture and its lovely history; even in its vastness and in spite of everything; I’ve always wondered if the destiny is a matter of chance or if due to forces unknown… Yes, I believe it is as real as we are only if we give a little, take chances of bits and pieces of dreams.

Making our ideals, desires, fears, memories; living the history. May it’s just my view looking out of window from an American girl from Texas, discovering Swansea.

Just me and Jim together is perfect; the way we’d found each other from the beginning, the way we always find the path in our particular universe.
 Where love us the the truth, or as close to the truth than I can say, certain things are beyond any understanding. All I know is you don’t have yo try so hard when you love someone so much.

Http://don’t-try-so-hard.myshopify.com where two creatures working as one unified body.
We were meant to be. Like two flames unite and blend into one.
 Something so big that never get fully describe, at least not in my lifetime, nor in eternity.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am thankful for my new family here in Wales and I love you all and miss my Kids, family and Friends in America.


Book Preview… “All the Colors of Green”

Oystermouth Castle

Oystermouth Castle

For months, some think I have gone missing. I am in That place where the ocean is, it meets the mountains, It dictates and controls. I have seen places in Wales one could never imagine while the seasons have moved from Summer to Autumn into Winter; I wonder what happened to the weeks and months. Time has just flown by. For I still have a temporary that I thought it would expire in December. Except it will not expire ever after all; for in that time I have had to see real wishes come true, it’s here where I have found hints of life and love and home and then there is someone here now to cling to. He calls me his ray of hope; and his sunlight in the morning.

His love is true and there are moments so I might know that this is just the beginning, discovering that there are places beyond narrow one. I have seen massive green forest, farms and gardens, medieval castles, palaces and cathedrals. I am American girl in Wales, where my duality is to reason all; is one with every living breathing moving particle is one is the absolute.

Duality is an illusion, I argued. It must be if this narrow place that contains my infinite love for one and the same. I understand gravity and advanced physics. Only then can we understand that is important that which hope hangs on, finding that love is the only shimmering effervescent realm of continual creation.

Note- “All the Colors of Green” will be available Kindle on Thursday, November 20th.
Thank you to all my followers and for reading. I hope you love my writing and photography. Enjoy!-
Love, Katie M.


These are the castles we visited so far. We have been to 24 out of 157. So you can see, I have lot’s more writing to do. Below is some of my favorite places to visit in Wales.

Ogmore Castle 12th & 13th century
Castell Coch – the Red Castle
Carreg Cennen Castle
Carmarthen Castle 11th century
Dinefwr Castle 11th century
Dryslwyn Castle Native Welsh ruins
Kidwelly Castle 12th century and earlier
Laugharne Castle 13th century
Llandovery Castle 11th century
Llansteffan Castle 12th century
Newcastle Emlyn Castle 13th & 15th century
Caernarfon Castle 13th century
Castell y Bere 13th century
Haverfordwest Castle 12th century
Crickhowell Castle 12th century
Llanafan Fawr Castle possibly Iron Age
Painscastle 12th to 15th century
Penarth Castle
Tretower Castle 12th century
Loughor Castle
Oxwich Castle 16th century
Oystermouth Castle 12 & 13th century
Pennard Castle 12th century
Penrice Castle 13th century
Swansea Castle

A Preface to “All the Colours of Green”


“And so its just me and the cat here

inside the mushroom now,

where it is safe and warm in this abode. It’s

where I will lay my head tonight,

sleep in his bed,

crying onto his pillow,

until he returns.”

from “All the Colours of Green
a novel by American Girl in Wales


It came as a surprise and shock to the many in my life, but to those who truly know me, to those who understand the need to begin healing thyself; they understood, the importance of starting life over; accepting change, relocating; wanting to pour out; to write and travel and in Wales.

Yes, an American girl from Texas moving to Wales. Oh God, I fit in here like a glove, living like true artist; writing all day, shopping just enough for what is needed for the day, staying up all night; talking; wine and smoking with music and lots of love and laughter.

It’s hard for anyone to leave Texas. Most people say about Texas, “I got here as fast as I could.”

I lost a husband to cancer, of 30 years, spent the last 7 years as his primary caregiver. The Alzheimer’s kicked in then the Parkinson’s. It was difficult, but my children were grown, with no other family members around. I had to make a change or flounder; I was not thriving, but not everyone heard me and my energy depleted; I felt as if I had nothing left in me.

I moved to Wales, it’s somewhere I could feel again then I can heal. I only knew one person here in this place; wondering if he could take on my being; this empty, fragile broken down soul in need of replenishment of self love, companionship; to be a part of the process, a healing process and a return to flow.

We spend so much of trying to do more and be more so our lives; to have “purpose” when really, our only purpose should be to simply love and be loved.

And now because of love, I am the girl who is working on being healthy, finding pleasure in life again. It’s perfect here, yet I am far from perfect but as I am learning: healthy means more than physically well. It means mentally and spiritually and Even these have become a positive in my life and that I have to give in order to get and that if I am to find love again; the gods will make it happen; for Love cannot be forced, only given when it’s given in return.

Love has become a great influence in my life and In each moment, by day and by night, I find myself immensely happy and celebrating being here. However, “here” is more than I could ever imagine; what love would become like, how it would look – but then I never imagined things could be this good. Funny how life works, isn’t it…. Enjoy and thanks for reading
~ Cheers,
Katie Murphy

Photos: Family of Wood Mushrooms,
Singleton Park, Swansea, Wales, UK


Sometimes I sit and wonder
What it is about me that you love,
Maybe I don’t feel like I’m worthy
Of being the one that you dream of…
You are such a higher level than I,
Only if I could ever wish to be,
And that’s sometimes why I wonder,
Why you love me, so much;
That when I am with you,
To not let those worries fill my head,
The only thing I think of really
Is how lucky I am instead.

~ American Girl in Wales

Written Proof

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Sometimes, he slips away during the night to his room, falling asleep and I know this, though sometimes still at midnight, I hear him about in the hopes wanting to be at his side, touching lips to burning armor. I would wash his feet with my hair if he asked.

There are no physical barrier between our desires. Always encouraging; there would be more, to find ourselves lying together arm in arm and on those nights to just to keep warm. We sleep peacefully now, though sometimes glassy eyed staring up at the moon assaulted by the rain outside my window. It sounds like the pounding of raven wings.

And in the morning, when he stirs, waking me from this wakeful trance, I acknowledge his presence, approving and loving eyes meet every morning and I see him glow with pride. I think he loves me more than he let’s on.

But my rewards are many, like the chance to be with him every morning and late at night, and I do so eagerly; there is no distance between us anymore; The pain is less significant; I wear him on my sleeve openly, as a badge of honor. Here it is; I am written living proof, that love is the only real worthy thing worth living for.

“All the Colors Of Green”
Written Proof ~ Chapter 10

October’s Haiku


Sharp pearls of thunder
Raindrops begin their descent
Octobers showers
Home Mortgage