All the Colours of Green – continues

Time has just flown by and Christmas is only six weeks away.. Do you ever think one might could tire of seeing the same places everyday?

I think I will never tire of Wales. And all my thoughts will not expire ever after all; for in that time I have had to see real wishes come true, it’s here where I have found hints of life and love and home and then there is someone here now to cling to. He calls me his ray of hope; and his pinken every morning.

People ask me all the time; “Do I miss Texas?” I reply; I miss people; mostly my sons and family and my old friends. But my home is here now.

So there are moments so I might know that this is just the beginning, discovering that there are places beyond narrow one. I have seen massive green forest, farms and gardens, medieval castles, palaces and cathedrals.

I am American girl in Wales, where my duality is to reason all; it is one with every living breathing moving particle is one is the absolute. I will stay here and I have no desire to return to the States.

Duality is an illusion. It must be this narrow place inside me that contains my infinite love for one and the same. Julien is my gravity and advanced physics and mathematics.

Only when the heart has experienced longing or suffering and pain can we understand that what is important and that which hopes hangs onto, finding that love is the only shimmering effervescent realm of continual creation.

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Thank you to all my followers and for reading.

Love, M.


Letters To Cymru

You said to write down my thoughts, to let you know how I’m doing. I’m missing you, that’s what I aim not to do. How am I?….I’m fine. 
How lovely and sweet is your skin… I taste you with with each glance of my eyes. It makes me shiver inside. When you sleep and we are connected. I see myself lost in thoughts of you. 
How lovely to be able to sleep again. I’m tired and I’m weary of waiting. Just when your eyes are closed, you know how you mouth breathes and you drewl from the corner of your mouth and then wipe it on the covers.  
I wished I could sleep like that again to reach your shoulders, to touch your hair, to feel your breath with my spit on your pillow. 
I wished I could wake you up with a kiss. Just as quickly as blinking eyes. 
Would you discover if it was really me or pretend you were dreaming then snort and close your eyes real fast again. 
Would you let me fall in love with me inside your mind?Would you make us together in your dreams? Would you wish to close your eyes to see us together while you are awaken? 
Smoke in bed, bring me tea?
I know, we will be together, soon as though we’ve never  been apart  by now. Time has been slow but life is running so fast. Faster than I can keep up with. 
I am trying to be, everything you think I ought to be, to get away from here; and back to my beautiful Wales.  
There seems no escape: you are always by my mind, always so quiet, so serious, suck solitary… I am very proud of you for staying strong. 

You make me stronger. You are so great and so strong, I know while its hard to sleep, to eat anything, but candy you know makes me feel better.

If I could, I would love the way you’ve held my hand, and guided me all the way.

Thank you for watching out for me and adoring me the way I do you. I want to follow in your steps; I want to put my fingers between yours. 
I want to put my lips between yours, I want to taste your flavour. We’re both a little fragile still. 
I hope you can wait a bit longer. I miss your moves, your gazes, your words, your voice and your breath. 
You could easily read the poetry I try to make up in my head. 

I will always be watching you, always paying attention to you because you’re my passion, and my beloved.

My feelings, the feeling, about you. I adore you.

I love you, Cymru.

About Wales: The Beginning

From 1606 Cymru (Welsh) production Antique Old Colour Color Map by Gerard Mercator.

From 1606 Cymru (Welsh) production Antique Old Colour Color Map by Gerard Mercator.

So as far as the history of Wales is known, it seems to be a continuous history of man. It’s a beginning without an ending; and for all practical purposes; Wales is a place where much is still virtually unknown. But its geology proves, it has emerged in a time that succeeded the Age of Bronze, when newly discovered alloy of copper and tin, made it to the surface; and precious metals were much needed for tools and weapons so human life could survive to this very day.

Stonehenge source: bluestone outcrops at Craig Rhos-y-Felin in Wales. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WALES

Stonehenge source: bluestone outcrops at Craig Rhos-y-Felin in Wales.

Some of the volcanic bluestones in the inner ring of Stonehenge officially match an outcrop in Wales that’s 160 miles (257 kilometers) from the world-famous site, geologists announced this week. (See Wales pictures.)
The discovery leaves two big ideas standing about how the massive pieces of the monument arrived at Salisbury Plain: entirely by human hand, or partly by glacier.

As it looks today, 5,000-year-old Stonehenge has an outer ring of 20- to 30-ton sandstone blocks and an inner ring and horseshoe of 3- to 5-ton volcanic bluestone blocks. (See Stonehenge pictures.)
And in turn, came the Age of Iron; lasting this day with no breaks separating these periods from each other; the arts introduced by neolithic man into the Britain’s, the management of domestic animals, the making of pottery, the grinding of stone implements; and where their importance meant survival and life; and in a time never to be been forgotten.

These ancients who were first borne here, left their genes here, without a doubt; The diversity is plentifully represented in the population of these islands. The beginning of each new period marks an advance in culture giving way to the arrival of a new race from a past that has not been obliterated ; its influence is still potent in the new era.

Wales is a country full of natural beauty. Much of its landscape is mountainous, from Snowdonia to the northwest, home to the rare and iconic relic of the ice-age the Snowdon lily, to the Brecon Beacons in the south. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea to the west, there are 1200km of rugged coastline and over 50 islands with significant colonies of seabirds such as gannets, puffins, kittiwakes, shags and razorbills.

The contour of the British Isles presents itself the same in appearance today as it did in the neolithic period. With valleys and plains forming and encircling the seas, whose billows sweep through the Straits of Dover and St. George’s Channel. Where parts of the Welsh coast-lines are notably tracts of mud on some of the beaches regularly washed by tides that have remained virtually unchanged since neolithic time, next to a luxuriant forest growth, giving no hint of the neighboring of the sea.

Billow by Ben Salter

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Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, Aug. 1896, pp. 474-89.

Stonehenge source: bluestone outcrops at Craig Rhos-y-Felin in Wales.
Dave Mosher
for National Geographic News

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Billow by Ben Salter

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Rhossili Bay

I traveled to Wales, and one of my favorite places was Rhossili Bay. It was somewhere I could feel again, where I was to heal. I only knew one person here in this place; wondering if he could take on my being; this empty, fragile soul. I was in need of replenishment of self love, companionship; and so was he I think. Discovery would be a part of the process, our healing process would be a journey, it would be our return to really living.

Most of spend so much of trying to do more and be more so our lives; will have “purpose” when really, our only purpose should be to simply love and be loved.

He helped me heal, saving me from myself. There was not anything that I did not love about him. We had traveled all summer; experiencing different cultures and places. He taught me things and gave me confidence back in myself. Together, we became best friends, companions for life, both of us filled each other with so much life and love in both our lives. From then on, there was nothing missing in our lives.

We married. And now because of love, I am the girl who found pleasure in life again. Wales is a place where we found beauty in everywhere; even in everyday living. It’s perfect here, yet I am far from perfect but as I am learning: healthy means more than physically well.

Wales is mentally and spiritually fulfilling. It has become a positive in my life; it’s where I found love again.

Love has become a great influence in my life and In each moment, by day and by night, I find myself immensely happy and celebrating being here. However, “here” is more than I could ever imagine; what love would become like, how it would look – but then I never imagined things could be this good. Funny how life works, isn’t it?


Rhossili Bay, The Gower, Wales
United Kingdom

Rhossili Bay curves along an arc running northwards from the village. The sandy beach is three miles (5 km) long and is backed with sand dunes. Locals refer to the beach as Llangennith Sands. Behind the beach just north of the village is Rhossili Down with the highest point on the Gower Peninsula, (the Beacon), and a number of prehistoric remains. It is between Rhossili Down and the beach proper that the Warren is found.

At the southern end of the Bay is the small tidal island called Worm’s Head. At the north is Burry Holms. These islands are accessible at low tide only. Also at low tide, it is possible to see the remains of several shipwrecks, wood from the wreck of the Helvetia being the most prominent when looking north from Rhossili. Worms Head consists of two islands, Inner and Outer Head. Outer Head reaches 56 metres in height (184 feet), Inner head 47 metres (154 feet).

Rhossili Bay featured in the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, a youth choir began a cappella performances of “Bread of Heaven” live on the beach with was broadcast at the Olympic Stadium. The bay has been used as the setting of New Earth in the sci-fi show Doctor Who and the bay including the Old Rectory was used in Torchwood: Miracle Day. In 2014, it was voted the UK’s number one beach, third best in Europe, and 9th best in the world, by TripAdvisor users.