Areches Beaufort and Mont Blanc, majestically close to the mount and clear. There are no clouds today. We are perched above this rounded 4810 meter peak.

Behind us, there are imposing cliffs streaked, with snow. The village is streaked with impossibly narrow streets; and the lodges made from logs in abundance. Picture perfect.

And the colours here tell us it’s a good place to ski. A ride to the top; I can’t wait  So few people in sight. A sight to behold.

It comes with great effort to this climb. A final ride to the top. We turn with an easy glide. Snow from the tips of the mount are so near and I am whispering in awe; my frozen breath barely breaking this calm.

The chair takes us back down the mountain and beyond, above the tree line slopes. But we’re aiming for the descent back down to the rustic warmth of Areches.


Atomic Starburst

Vintage Retro atomic starburst gilded tea set. Set of 4. Raspberry coloured starburst on a white background in white bone china. The tea set is unbranded but each piece is stamped “bone china” MADE IN ENGLAND.

Each piece has a number in sequence as if were accounted for or for inventory, but no brand.

Each piece is decorated with small starbursts and gold gilding round the edges. The set includes:

4 Tea Cups

4 saucers

4 Cake plates

1 complimentary saucer

The condition is not perfect, but for its age its been around. Almost 70 years old. The starburst design craze began In the 1940’s. One of the cups has a tiny hairline chip and another with a chip in the gilding on the extra cake plate. They are barely visible so please see the photos.

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Boch Frères Keramis pottery from La Louvière Belgium. The is a Fermes Decoration which translates from French to “Green farms.” The green is very warm, subtle shades with scenes of people, sky and windmills.

This one is Transfer ware Bowl that dates back to about 1880 and it still retains it’s lustre; no cracks, no chips. Wonderfully kept pieces of pottery don’t you think? They are still for sale if you can find them. We found three in Paris. Mint.

Boch Keramis began making pots between 1844 and 1846 created Bayern landscapes and views of the Rhine, genre scenes, decors inspired by the Orient, the decor engravings on these plates, applied by chisel and stamp.

The very first decors were monochrome, mostly in bleu or black impression, and have a factory stamp with large banner in general, and are sometimes produced in sister factories. Sometimes they are bicolour, black for the centre decoration and another colour for the border decoration.

Some of these decors are printed in a slightly blurred way for the English and American for those who love this kind of illustrations.

Around 1860 the production of polychrome pieces starts with accents above or underneath the glazing, sometimes the same decors are produced in monochrome and in polychrome.

The romantic scenes were farms, city views, the saints with their attributes, Napoleons battles, humorist scenes and the height’s of travelling by railway.

But these are my favourites here by far; for the faience is in the amazing glazing.

Light Captured

The sudden light of cloudburst sprinkles and pastel hues and hopscotch lines creating rainbow designs is the question in the artists eyes while nature answers to her why’s; what is this Light?
Is it electromagnetic radiation that is visible and perceivable by the human eye?
Is it the colours between red and violet.
Does it have frequencies of terahertz, wavelengths and nanometers; equal to one billionth of a metre?
Is there is the sensation of perceiving light; it is brightness and sudden light; the medium of illumination…is that what makes sight possible.
There is the illumination where it’s derived from a source of light; the light from the moon and the pathway of light and when illumination of another when standing in the light.
There is daylight, dawn and daybreak and windows that admit illumination in with architecture and openings that divide panes in a glass.
What about the light that provides information or clarification to research that produces new light on a question. Enlightenment, brightness and countenance.
Light can be a state of awareness or understanding derived from the light of an experience and Spiritual awareness. Is it possible there light can be a guiding spirit or divine presence in each of us?
Perhaps light is a way of looking at or considering a matter; an aspect or perhaps even a way to see into a situation in a different light.
To understand other’s individual opinions means to allow choices and standards; to accept the capacities of others with those who act according to their own light and with equal respect of those who are different. Could that be the light of insight; of understanding, information, and ideas.
They say light is a being; a form of energy; that light creates light and when another form of energy is supplied; There it becomes incandescence. It’s the vibration of entire atom and that luminescence comes from the electron.
This light of energy is illuminating just as the sun enlightens the earth. With light and energy it becomes clear to the intellect or conscience allowing us to shed the light of truth and knowledge.
With the increase of knowledge; it enlightens the mind and our understanding; easing heavy burdens and difficulties we bare; borne and done. That is to be that one who we seek to be; light of heart; graceful, agile and light.
To be that one light even it’s only to that one person; or to the many they inspire; or the one whom we adore. To be the one who lights up our lives and gives it back in return. It is that kind of light that sets us on fire; it is an igniting, a kindling and a burning and a receiving of light.

I watch the sun late in the afternoon, nature and the woods luminous with golden beams streaming through the trees, answering my questions while capturing nature in this light.

Thank you for reading.

About Montmartre

We were in Montmartre again; there is a spirit there and it was if we were touched with life again. There, the gypsies were on the steps of Sacré Coeur as the temperature warmed up the day. We headed up to the top with our two little chihuahuas. Climbing with them we seemed to be a prominent feature following them up the steps. We were on everyone’s lips and they were adored by everyone. 

We were finally back in Paris. It was summer. Love – amour – was our most popular subject for us. And Jim, my musician; where I await to visualise his lyrics through songs. It is there, he sometimes sketches out his lyrics. 

Love anyways, is not his most popular subject on his mind, however. Jim writes about what he sees in Montmartre. I watch him watching the people warming up around him; he is my young Englishman who’s heart is just waiting to be inspired. 

That day we did as we often did; people-watched from the outdoor tables of the café; watching street artist sketch portraits. Dozens of them. One artist stopped at our table and began cutting out our Silhouette on paper. Then charged us five euros!

First he picked up a French newspaper from the lot to read. And consequently, I still cannot speak or read a word of French even though he has sought out to teach me. 

On that warm afternoon; it seemed to be directed as was per at love. We watched a young couple, sit down in front of us at this café. They held hands across the table. They proceeded to tell each other, “Je t’aime” with sappy looks in their wide eyes. We resisted the urge to gulp down our wine and instead Jim brought out his notebook and a pencil.

He quickly sketched the scene before him, then began writing madly. He tore the picture out of the book and flipped it over, putting it down on the table. He didn’t care; he scribbled on the back of it in loose, scrawling handwriting, much too eloquent to be understood by anyone but himself.

By the end of it, his genius was satisfied I think in his judgement of spirit, his motives, and, glancing at them again, was satisfied that their love was real. It had to be. 

All I know is that we were in Paris again, and the in summer. and I know he was inspired once more.  I loved that. 


Photo: The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacré-Cœur is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Paris, France. A popular landmark, the basilica is located at the summit of Montmartre Paris, the highest point in the city. 

Le Voyage


I have always loved to travel. Sometimes it’s risky leaving home, going on an adventure to another country, then going through customs and then border patrols.

Those are times when we share new loves and new conversations talking about settling somewhere new. What if”s are fun… refreshing. Perhaps looking for a job or even a new house anyone knows that it is risky. But, I think sometimes the heart overtakes reason and you just want to hit the road.

We are on our way to Paris, just for a few days. Taking the ferry from Dover to Calais. We’re diving with doggies and it’s only for a few days. They even have their own passports.

Maybe we don’t get paid when to travel, but the return is priceless; it’s healing for the soul; it’s a breath of life, energy and refreshing to the mind and body.

And nevertheless; Luckily, when I return home I will be starting a new job soon. I’ll be ready to come back to work. I don’t mind because I love to experience new places and people.

Anyway, travelling is a high for me. I think to some it can be so overwhelming when it’s on demand rather than inspired.  Like when it’s for work rather than pleasure.

Taking a spontaneous journey requires passion, believing in yourself and your partner. A journey is about creating a believable story, despite timing setbacks, and enduring to understand a different language. I’m attempting to learn French. The doggies understand it better than I do!

Travel takes fortitude. Then you have to write about it and photograph it and publish your experience.

So we share the joy of the road; Jim and I, we travel with our chihuahua’s; Boubou and Daisy. They are lovely companions; against all odds and despite all; I love this view from the road with them.

Although, I don’t think I go alone or even complete a thought on paper without them.

Travel requires learning the craft of road and the motion of thought and all that goes with the journey. But then, I always look forward going back home and to work so we can hit the road again next summer.

Au revoir…until we meet again.

Writing About Ideals

“A battle is to be conducted on behalf of liberty and freedom and against tyranny and oppression.”
-Simon Bainbridge – Napoleon and English Romanticism 
Actually, when writing, there might be purpose;

Is is not the attention of the writer to the reader to engage them into a sense of excitement…

Can one be  induced by tremendous courage when staring into the face of the enemy?

During the time of the Napoleonic Wars; Spain was fighting against Napoleon. 

France; had the most powerful army in the world, Sadly, not anymore. 

Was Napoleon really that harsh? It’s not easy keeping your country from invaders. 

Maybe it’s why we continue to write about history, I think. 

I love history; to learn from it and write to convey these same ideals of freedom from tyranny. 

Writing is about conveying a reason to a purpose where there is an action that is be inspired by the reader taken on to a just cause. 

Could it be seen as a journey from radicalism to conservatism. 

Perhaps I write with a radical stance on a Revolution to a passionate fervour; the battle of good against evil. 

Write to stand up for the safety and surety of its people and it’s nation against oppression. 

Write regardless to the disappointment of others. 

Write for a cause by what a country could be; like in France, what it should do; yet turning out not to be; not ensuing, not defending against the enemy. 

How can I shape my views…

Do I write it down; do I sharing my thoughts?

And although it may not be read by many, just maybe I did my part. 

And where are the The Order of Légion d’Honneur medals hidden?

Where are the French Médaille Militaire and Victorian Crosses yet to be given? 

Where is the resilience of France today and it’s people in the face of the enemy? 

Where is Napoleon today? 

Come on François Hollande! 

I hope you read this. 

I am angry. 

I write to reflect both upon the suffering and the bravery of people. 

But in the end, 

I am just a poet who longs to see her poetry as an expression of liberty and a hope for freedom against tyranny. 

Until we meet again…

American Girl in Wales


Courtesy of the Daul family World War II veteran Ed Daul received the medal in 2004. (Pictured Above)

More about Ed Daul French Medal of Honor: