About Oxwich Castle

Oxwich Bay Castle; a hilltop fortress haunted

Rising from ruins of early Tudor times,

It’s appearance more of a fortified stately home;

A magnificent mansion it was.

It was built to impress the influential.

Made from the treasures of shipwrecks there.

Rising on the site of an earlier fortification.

With a castle gate bearing of innocent blood,

A scene of a once mortal battle.

The daughter of Sir Mansel who’s grief is bared.

Men Fighting over lost stolen treasures there.

Barrels of wine from France; and the like;

Pots, pans, fancy dress and mustard seed.

Fighting were two of the Gower’s families;

The Mansel’s and the Herberts; disputing

When Sir Mansel’s daughter appeared,

Her aim was to the resolve,

Sir Mansel, it was her innocence he feared.

Over the stolen booty Sir Mansel held.

Refusing the real owner to reconcile or detour,

A feud engaged over this stolen treasure,

But there within the Mansel household,

When his daughter appeared at the gate amure.

Caught in the fire; for it was too late,

There was no peace to be made

As Sir Mansel refused to negotiate.

For the booty was Herberts stolen from the sea,

And it was not to be had; not owned by he.

Miss Anne was killed for the treasures taken,

She was met by a miss thrown stone.

A Stone was meant for Sir Mansel himself.

Instead of gain; his daughter struck lain.

An innocent life; Miss Anne was gone;

Sir Mansel, her life was lost; he grieved in pain,

Bereaved for what he had exchanged;

A shipwrecked treasure feigned,

All for the life of his daughter he gave.


From the shores of Oxwich Bay the Mansel family found many an opportunity to gain advantage of their location to the beach were the first to plunder lots sailing ships that wrecked near the rocks at Oxwich Beach.

However, such eager salvaging brought disaster upon the family when, in 1557, Sir Rhys Mansel took possession of the riches from a certain French trading ship that had come to grief off Oxwich Point during a gale.

The salvage rights to this vessel, to some extent, also belonged to a Sir George Herbert, one of the most important and powerful men of Swansea at the time, and he and his men soon descended upon Oxwich Castle.

Fearing an ensuing argument, between Herbert and his men and Mansel and his own, would turn bloody, when Sir Rhys Mansel’s daughter, Anne, rushed outside the castle to intervene and reconcile the two sides.

However, as she intervened, she was struck by a stone thrown which resulted in her death six days later.

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The Tempest…


In the Gower, between bays of Three Cliffs and Oxwich, there is a place called Cefn Bryn; the Great Carn near Reynoldston. 


It’s more commonly known as “Arthur’s Stone.”  That it’s were Arthur threw a stone from the bay. This is the place where it landed. It’s where they built a kingdom so long ago. Most of it is underground now. 

But it’s remains to be a mystical place. 

It’s a place where the wild Welsh ponies roam, now, feeding from the marshlands high above the bay. They are all that remain today, except  for some ancient stones; Maen Ceti. 

From here, I can see all the shades of green for miles and miles. And it takes my great away. 

It’s near to the village of Reynoldston, an unmarked, makeshift upon craggy stones marks a well trodden footpath. 


Spring has turned into Summer and all of the fouls and their mama’s are grazing now. Quite a sight to behold. 

I’m honoured. 

It’s amazing they let me come so close. It’s as if it were a privilege and quite extraordinary too. 

The ponies ancestors were onced tamed by Kings, princes and knights now run free in these hills, valleys and marshes. 


Beautiful, Welsh and wild bay pony with four white sox and a big bright star on your crown; I have dreamt of you, all of my life. 

Arthur’s Stone is in the Gower and its mystery lays close to the road from Cilibion to Reynoldston, that traverses the length of Cefn Bryn. 


Arthur’s Stone is muddy and the surrounding heath, despite its elevation, is often waterlogged and boggy. 

Its known as King Arthur’s Stone or Maen Ceti, is a Neolithic burial tomb dating back to 2500 B.C. and was one of the first sites to be protected under the Ancient Monuments Act of 1882.



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Oxwich Bay, Wales

One of our favorite places to go on a Sunday drive is to find one of the many surrounding bays around Wales. Although i love them all, one of the best is Oxwich in the Gower. Its one of the oldest places in Wales; its a place where Kings and Princes first settled, built castles, and fought many battles. I can just imagine Celtic ships entering the bay, finding such a place to settle and a sustainable lifestyle. Finding rivers and streams, fish, the woods, stone to build and there are blackberry bushes everywhere.

Oxwich Bay is part of Three Cliff Bay, is on the south coast of the Gower Peninsula in the City and County of Swansea, Wales.

The bay takes its name from the three sea cliffs that jut out into the bay. Pennard Pill, a large stream, flows into the sea in the middle of the bay.

Inland about 500 yards from the main beach on high ground above Pennard Pill is Pennard Castle. It was built in the early 12th century, and is imbued with legends of fairies.

Individual beaches that make up this bay have their own names, including Pobbles Bay to the east of the Three Cliffs, and Tor Bay to the west.

The beaches are separated at high tide but are accessible to each other at low tide on foot over the sands. Paths lead north to Pennard Burrows, east to Pobbles, and west to Tor Bay.

Pobbles and Tor Bay are also accessible from the beach at low tide. Three Cliffs Bay is effectively part of the inlet of Oxwich Bay. At low tide, Three Cliffs Bay forms a continuous sandy beach with Oxwich Bay beach to the west. They only exist as separate beaches at high tide.

The sea cliffs are limestone, about 20 m high, and are a popular destination for rock climbers.

In June 2006 the BBC Holidays at Home programme declared Three Cliffs Bay to be Britain’s best beach. In a recent programme broadcast in the UK the view over Three Cliffs Bay was nominated for “Britain’s Best View”.

Three Cliffs Bay also appears in a music video entry for Red Hot Chili Peppers made by Swansea film company, Studio 8. It was also used in the opening titles of the 80’s TV sitcom ‘Me & My Girl’ featuring Richard O’Sullivan and Joanne Ridley.
Three Cliffs Bay has also been used in Channel 4’s Skins and was shown in an ITV advert: ‘The Brighter Side’.

Good MorningWales~ St. Ives,  Cornwall 


Good Morning Wales.

We took a holiday down to Cornwall.  It’s St the southern most tip of England. 

Spinning around looking out at the great blue, bright lights of rays raining down, learning to understanding that dreams can come true we wish for it; to want it so deeply that there is nothing else on earth that we want more. 

But also finding life coming together; to grow and not taking one thing for granted. To be open to the gifts that be, even the little things that we think don’t count as much; but indeed they do. The greatest lesson I have learned that some things cannot be forced if it’s not meant to be; that we have to wait for the right time. 


It’s like the time when things meant what I didn’t quite know then. And maybe I’m not quite sure I fully know all of it even now. 

There was a sober period of reflection,  comparison. When you don’t have to work anything out. When it just happens naturally and then I knew these dreams were true in the way I knew that made me feel that I was alive. I had stumbled into a country in which I was not a stranger, but whose language I could understand by instinct, whose habits and customs felt so like my own. 


Taking time to be us; moments of travelling and discovering new places in the company of another. Like being at a wine bar, tasting the fare by the seaside in St. Ives, all afternoon, talking for hours on end about sight and sound and feelings. It feels right and it is and it’s a good thing. 

Learning that one can’t force momentum if you lay flat on a merry go round; waiting for it to move without any action. It’s like trying to zone into a new point of view by waiting for puffs of smoke to hit the ground running when there is no propulsion. 

As the sun sheds metallic tears of blue, saying goodbye to the old moons and I rise to see him each morning him and with love and enthusiasm, he is my lover and my teacher; always awaiting to greet me with something new. 


And so there are no more dark and no fears; for we’ve been accompanied by the galaxy with new sparkles and for each we wish made watching that falling star in the dark of that night, sitting on that bench near the beach in St. Ives; seeing our lives coming together. 


Growing Family


So, we’ve decided to go house hunting… I guess that what new couples do; is to collaborate on making a new space together. 
Our newly made family is already quite large, with the two of us, two chihuahua’s and a feral cat; whom already seem to have utterly adopted me.  It certainly makes for one big happy family. 
I would like a fairly decent size house I think. My new husband seems to have a fairly large family as so I, so having a nice space for all Hearts, (my husband) hobbies as well as the visiting family, entertaining, and of course the doggies is a must. Heart collects clocks and photos, you know. He has piles of them. The other night I had a dream about moving his stuff…maybe it’s possible. 
Anyway the house we looked at today was four stories high, the steps up to the door, unattended, a bit looming, some were broken and covered in green ivy. If I’d wanted a tree house, I would have asked. 
The windows once were overflowing with people were ivy crept in and then turned back to peek out at the surrounding world. The overgrowth had curled around the steps as if cradling an injured soul, trying to protect it from further harm; filling the cracks as if to the greenery would try and heal them.
I don’t think that was the one; I’m not sure, but I think it had a dungeon even.  I told Heart; “can we please find one with a thatch roof built into a tree, that looks like a mushroom, you know, one of those traditional Victorian Welsh houses?” So we’re still looking… I don’t think it won’t be long now since we both agree on the style. 

Good Morning Wales – Day 3


Good Morning Wales 

There is a closeness I feel here in Wales, a kind of warmth and the absence of empty has created a mysterious intimacy in which we will never need to know privacy because it just exist here. 

Being here with you is the ultimate familiarity and of superior fate. 

When you already know the things that I love, but asking anyway; when you take me for long drives to the see the Gower, Oxwich Bay, Japanese Food, letting me prepare your breakfast, after letting me sleep in all morning; 

And when he brings me Daffodils; that’s when I have to say, “Good Morning Wales,” every morning and that’s why I love you.   

Humble Pie


Nothing anyone can say will burst my bubble today. Your wings are warm in mine despite the lack of sun. This butterfly was blessed with humility; it was when I was at Heathrow entering the UK and was given temporary admission with an allegedly expired Visa when the wind got knocked out of me. Talk about humble pie… I was served with a great big sloppy slice it.

Maybe I felt like I was over served my portion, I have to keep go on believing It’s in the heart of my hearts that I must keep going and that it’s enough to know that nothing will ever tear us apart.

Humility is when you turn your head to meet their eyes again but don’t, because regardless you just know that your eyes will always be reflecting the truth.

So it’s here I await to see my beautiful Wales again, where there will be no more cloudy skies, all the Colours of green are there and.the Irish Sea, and the Gower and Swansea Bay and once more I will whisper in your ear, and yours in mine; “it’s your turn to walk the dog,” while bending all your thoughts discussing philosophy with endless music, wine and smokey conversation, with your words I love to hear.

But until then, I must obey man’s laws and not to ignore the One above, or whomever each of us perceive Him to be, by not restricting, but remembering His gift is our union, not forbidding our love, but has merely tested our faith.

We will only pass through this world but once. Any if there be any good to be done, let me do it; therefore that I can do or anything with you in my heart and by my side.

Give me Patience, compassion, charity and love is all that I can be and know that I am only human. Let kindness prevail in my heart and let me do it now. Let me not be deferred nor neglected, for I shall see you again soon. I love you.