The state or quality of being infinite.”the infinity of space.”

Endlessness, infinitude and infiniteness, Boundlessness, limitlessness and unlimitedness,

Infinity is extensiveness,

The vastness, immensity; its the distance.


Royal Doulton has created Infinity in their China. Throughout their history, Royal Doulton has introduced various luxury bone China collections at a value relating to specific elegant Tableware. Infinity is one of these elegant collection in these specific ranges of wares even for the most discriminating taste.

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Love Story

A Love Story on Bone China, Perhaps a Courting Couple Scene depicting a Victorian Couple sitting on a bench as talks to the beautiful lady.

Vintage Adams Collectible Tea Set in Chintz in the Lord Nelson Style Tea Set. It is Transfer ware from 1900-1950’s. The stamp mark on the Plates match the year according to The Potteries; the approximate period it comes from. The illustration is from a famous painting. It signed by the painter and is an historical theme.

The picture appears to be that of an Edwardian couple who were likely to be courting. (Note: I cannot verify the painting or the people in the painting.)

The gilded gold pieces are Chintz design and are all Marked: “Adams Estd. 1657 England.” The set is in good condition, no cracks or chips.

Vintage. This set would be ideal for brides; Tea on the wedding day, bridal parties, bride dress fittings, bridal luncheons, bridal breakfast, showers, teas and hen parties and ideal for bridal shops.

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Royal Doulton Infinity

Exquisite Royal Doulton Infinity 31 Piece Complete Dinner Service. Pattern number H. 5111. Made in England. Produced in 1986. Backstamp.

Beautiful Art Deco geometric design with platinum rims on a white background graced with simple lines on the finest of fine bone china made in England.

The dinner service includes;

6 Dinner Plates – 10 3/4”

8 Side Plates – 6 1/2″

6 Bowls – 8″

1 Cake Plate – 10 1/4″

1 Milk Jug – 1/2 pt

1 Sugar Bowl – 4 1/2″

4 Tea Saucers – 6 1/8″

4 Tea cups – 3 3/8 x 3″

The dinner service is excellent condition. No cracks, chips or crazing.

Royal Worcester

Worcester is a city

In the central of England

West Midlands is the region.

By the River Severn,

A medieval village

Is Worcester.

Born from earthworks and local

Came Cathedral’s, royal tombs,

With crypts and cloisters

And where pottery Rose

Became Porcelain and Bone China.

It traces the evolution

It’s back from the Middle Ages.

The History of England

Even survived Civil War to the 1950s.

Then Timber-framed and Tudor;

A focus on life in the Tudor style

The way of 17th-century life

Of Worcester days; a fancy teacup

With displays on tradition;

Tea, brewing, basket weaving

And a pottery born fine bone

So graced With a grandeur

To name it Royal and Worcester.

Made for Harrods of London

Vintage limited edition Staffordshire fruit and veg bowl in pretty bone china made for Harrods by Bishop and Stonier (Bisto) dating from between 1891 and 1936. Numbered 232.

Hand painted flowers surrounded by a cobalt and in a gold plated design. All in good condition for its age except for hairline on underside. No crazing or chips.

This mark (Caduceus) was registered as a trade mark by Powell & Bishop in 1876 the mark was also used by subsequent partnerships including Bishop & Stonier.

The “BISTO” trade name was only used by
Bishop and Stonier and often appeared (but not always) with the two marks shown above.

Incredible find.

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Living for the Moments

Waltzing into my existence with shoes fit for 

A Welsh guard. 

Intentions of conquering the unknown,

Within the melodies laughing in my heart,

Holding my hand, 

Unlike you did with the others. 

Instead, you found me nestled in your arms;

A proclamation of love; in that bearskin hat. 

It wasn’t too hard to love you properly.

Finding myself shine in the gleam of a smile, 

Where I discovered you in the dark 

In the depths of innocence, 

I was dressed like Paddington Bear

There was no denying you in that uniform, 

Realising running was not an option. 

That is when we knew the truth;

When discovery leaves you trembling 

In that moment;

When this heart shall never belong 

to another; 

And when there are moments,

You just cannot put into words. 

Columbia Road 

My favourite flower is the peony. When I look at what creation has made I see such amazing examples right here on a Sunday; in the middle of London on Columbia Road at the Flower Market…and it was my birthday today. 

These peony flowers spring up to life, nurtured by the sun, water, and soil; A proclamation of the glory of artistry from the earth. They grow and multiply until they reach their glorious peak of colours; everyone orchestrated by creations hand. 

It is the artists that praise your beauty, imitating only to try to capture glory with paint on canvas. For in their eyes you are imagination aspiring. But I wonder can a wildflower not compete with you too? 

Achieving such harmony of tones of contrast require skill and mastery. To be so effective on more levels than the simply aesthetic. I often find myself overcome with joy at the wonder of you. 

Almost as if serenity is evoked only by the specific use of colour scheme nature has made. 

I appreciated the flower market for it’s beauty, thank you… it brought me closer to you. In the heart of a relationship, we are like a peony flower taking root and I feel that I am valued in your eyes. No longer do we compete with the weeds that hinders the growth of our dreams.

We are like the peonies on Columbia Road; we were planted, we are here to live, to love and grow; to become one in a life that is beautiful and creative; for we are here to thrive and if we nurture each other, like the peony…none of us will never fade or wither. 


– American Girl in Wales.