All the Colours of Green – continues

Time has just flown by and Christmas is only six weeks away.. Do you ever think one might could tire of seeing the same places everyday?

I think I will never tire of Wales. And all my thoughts will not expire ever after all; for in that time I have had to see real wishes come true, it’s here where I have found hints of life and love and home and then there is someone here now to cling to. He calls me his ray of hope; and his pinken every morning.

People ask me all the time; “Do I miss Texas?” I reply; I miss people; mostly my sons and family and my old friends. But my home is here now.

So there are moments so I might know that this is just the beginning, discovering that there are places beyond narrow one. I have seen massive green forest, farms and gardens, medieval castles, palaces and cathedrals.

I am American girl in Wales, where my duality is to reason all; it is one with every living breathing moving particle is one is the absolute. I will stay here and I have no desire to return to the States.

Duality is an illusion. It must be this narrow place inside me that contains my infinite love for one and the same. Julien is my gravity and advanced physics and mathematics.

Only when the heart has experienced longing or suffering and pain can we understand that what is important and that which hopes hangs onto, finding that love is the only shimmering effervescent realm of continual creation.

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Love, M.


Llwelyn Fawr, The Great – Part III


Llwellyn The Great continued Part III

13th Century Wales is rich in History of conspiracy intrigue and
Naughty Bits.

Those Llwellyn boys were something else. No body can hold onto a grudge longer than a Welsh, they say. Always going around getting in trouble. Like burning each other’s castles down, throwing their own kids and wives into the Tower. Going around taking bribes, land and property that didn’t belong to them, including their wives. Yes Wales has a rich history just filled with naughty bits. The stories are not new; they’ve been around and written since the 13th Century. I just like telling the history as I see it; History and story telling with some naughty bits thrown in.

I hope you enjoy.

Gruffudd was Prince Llywelyn’s Illegitimate son by A Welsh woman.
Gruffudd was not the son of Prince Llewelyn, his wife, Joan, the illegitimate daughter of King John of England.


Llywelyn’s illegitimate son Gruffudd was in conflict with his relations between his father and King John when he found out his brother Dafydd was going to be the next prince of Wales and not him.

Gruffudd had been dissolved from the royal succession due to his illegitimate status and Dafydd ap Llywelyn, his half brother would be appointed Prince Llywelyn’s successor.


Gruffudd and his Father shared a stormy relationship and had several disagreements between before his death.

When his father died Gruffudd would not pay homage to his brother Dafydd, and so Dafydd took all of Gruffudd’s lands.


In 1241, Dafydd was excommunicated by the bishop of Bangor and he tried to persuade Henry III, not to support Gruffudd’s cause.

Instead Dafydd was forced to surrender. As part of the Treaty of Gwen Eigron, Dafydd handed over his brother Gruffudd to the King of England as part of the treaty and instead Gruffudd was sent to the Tower of London.


Senena, Gruffudd’s wife, met with the king and agreed to pay 600 marks for the release of Gruffudd. But the King kept Senena’s 600 marks, but he was never released, Senena was also permitted to visit him.

Gruffudd’s demise came in 1244, when he attempted to escape from the Tower on a rope made of linen. He fell and broke his neck and was buried in Aberconwy Abbey.


The End

Heaven on Earth




Mumbles ~ Swansea Bay
Opening to the Bristol Channel
S. Wales, UK
06, November, 2014

Last night I lay in bed, the heat from his body drawing me near; fluid and assured. It was desperately cold outside last night and somehow, the closeness kept us warm while sleeping.

I was kept cozy and warm even without touching. It was a good sleep and felt this morning when he woke me I felt it would be different from other mornings, thinking we are coming closer together in every way.

Hearing him up at dawn, bringing me tea in bed with hard kisses and smiles on his lips. I would wait to see what the day brings.

I was off for the morning walk with the doggy in Mumbles, after a kiss and drop off for work. I love that, waking to his beautiful perfect face.

A quick stroll to the shops choosing stationary for Sweetheart’s art project first.

Then I decided it would be Mumbles there is a boardwalk, avoiding the soaked grass in the park.

And on the shores of Swansea bay walking as the day light chased the last of the tides away and all that’s left are these miraculous mud flats as far as you can see.

The morning takes over and the browns frays prepare to move to that which was once the sea as the browns fade sinking into blues sharing again earth and minerals from the ocean floors dissolving, reviving renewing pushing upwards into buds from heaven.

Remembering riding the splashing waves of fluid resurgents just as I did last night.

Heaven on earth.


“All the Colours of Green”
Chapter 8

More Like You

Haverfordwest Castle
Pembrokeshire, S. Wales
October 25, 2014


“The original castle is believed to have been first attacked by Gruffydd ap Rhys, Welsh Prince of Deheubarth, in 1135 – 1136. In 1173 the castle had its first royal visit by Henry II of England who passed by the town on coming back from a trip to Ireland. And visited in 1188, by the 3rd Crusade of Richard I, the Lion Heart led to the Holy Land.”


I am bound, but not by rope, chains or restraints, but for the love for a man. Feeling strength of your love in the surrounds without hesitation.

Its as if I am enveloped as our souls are tangled in overwhelming love. As I will always try to prove my worth, I am filled with your strength; long as I have you by my side, there will be no failing, only happy tears; to be myself and the person I long to become.

Last night you gently wipe the tears from my face, and held me in your heart, slept in your embrace and gave me nourishment. Now I look into your eyes and realize, you are the person that has been missing from my life for so long.

With you in my life, i need nothing more. You make me want to become more like you. I am yours and I will prove to you what you truly mean to me.

Thank you for holding me so tightly in your arms last night.
I love you.

“All the Colors of Green”
Chapter 7~ More Like You

October’s Haiku


Sharp pearls of thunder
Raindrops begin their descent
Octobers showers
Home Mortgage


Perfectly Welsh

An opaque mist, is upon the fields
Morning skies, of a new day rising
The leaves soaked with dew
You bring me tea,
Hanging on to the love, believing
And all is to come.

High above is the mystery of life
Of a Welsh and French hearts
They need no proof, they just are
Staunch and strong and serious
By emotions cautious but tender
It’s just their way.

Surrounded by the lowly hills of Wales,
Of greener grasses on open plains
Miseries and sorrows nearly gone
Of a time long ago, in a time
Where dragons roamed,
They are all gone now, slain by knights
We are all that’s left, just each other,
Like falling leaves, but not forgotten.

It’s the coldest cold that we know
In the deepest depths of winter,
The only barrier, we will keep us
So, and always together,
That I wouldn’t have you any other way, would you…
Than the way you are.
It’s that I love you still, perfectly,
Even our icy-core splinters
And all.