Far From the Cold

The earth is blanketed with the cold

In depressions deep, drifting, falling snow.

While trees in forms of sculptured clay,

Wind rifting by a sharpened breeze,

Stencilling the landscape a statuary grey,

Fragmented grass hidden in the freeze.

The frigid air wrestles your breath away

Accompanied by unyielding cold.

Close and still by the sheep will stay

Stuck with the Hens in the barn today

With dreams of a bite of tasty hay

Is the strength of their hold

Safe and warm,

Far from the cold.


The Starlings


Mumuration of Starlings.

Over Wales.


A natural spectacle.

Reaching peaks.

Millions of starlings.

They take to the skies.


Defying laws of motion.


Gravity in reverse.



BBC Radio 4 – In Our Time, Owain Glyndwr

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the fight for Welsh independence in the early 15th century
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