Car Dog Blues

They say to travel is to discover,

It is exactly that; it is to be free ,

And its true, the chihuahua’s travel with us

They have no fences,

While their domain is an endless spread,

Sometimes even at their owners expenses.

Yet as today sinks into murky hues,

And the rains descend into ribbons,

The dogs, they have no strife,

Although the toils I might,

Thinking the backseat is their den,

No signs of getting out,

It’s a case of the car dog blues.

And while the chihuahua’s lay in slumber,

In the back of the BMW,

Ready to go, warm, with belly full,

The dreams they so are peacefully seeking,

Ready to go do it again; mostly sleeping;

Waiting for me drive around the block

Just start the engine then.


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