Lilly of the Valley

“The Lily of the valley, breathing in the humble grass

Answer’d the lovely maid and said: “I am a watry weed,

And I am very small, and love to dwell in lowly vales;

So weak, the gilded butterfly scarce perches on my head;

Yet I am visited from heaven, and he that smiles on all

Walks in the valley and each morn over me spreads his hand,

Saying: ‘Rejoice, thou humble grass, thou new-born lily flower,”

William Blake, The Book of Thel, and the Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Amazing Royal Kent Old Foley fine bone china in the Lilly of the Valley Pattern Tea Set.

The service includes 5 Tea cups and 5 Saucers, and 6 Cake Plates in the Lilly of the Valley in guilted wreath Pattern surrounding a white background in the beautiful Royal Kent tea set on bone white China.

Gilt trim on cup, rim and saucer rim, with scalloped daisy raised ridge pattern. The Cup has the shape of the Montrose of Royal Albert Design.

Royal Kent was made in Staffordshire England beginning with James Kent Ltd at Old Foley in 1837 in Foley England.



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