Old Ming Pot

Could it be Ming?

I am to believe I may have an antique Chinese koi Bowl from the Ming Period in my procession.

It is bronze and is a cloisonné enamel bowl. The bowl measures 11.2 inches across at its widest and 3.4 inches high.

The bowl is bronze with beautiful multi color enameling throughout the piece. The iron work and rims have a dark patina or color which is all original to the piece. Incredible find.

What makes this bowl very special is that the outside and interior of the bowl are decorated with fine and enamelings and there is a scroll border along the top rim.

The bronze is glazed in a dark blue green with gilded scrolls, koi and lotus flowers.

The center bowl is in excellent condition, as is the stand.

If you look at the many photographs for more on the look and condition as they are an important part of the description.

The Zhengde Emperor (Chinese: 正德; pinyin: Zhèngdé) was the Ming dynasty Emperor of China between 1505–1521.

Reign: 19 June 1505 – 20 April 15

What do you think?

Is it Ming…or just an old Ming Pot.


4 thoughts on “Old Ming Pot

  1. Hi, the writing at the base reads 大明年造. Some digging on google suggests that “大明年造”款始自明代景泰年间,成化、弘治、正德、嘉靖、天启、崇祯等朝皆有,其中以崇祯时期最为常见,正德次之” meaning the phrase is commonly associated with a few emperors and the one most common is that of 正德. So your pot may have links to his reign but also others. Just make sure there is no ‘made in china” mark hidden away hehehe

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    • You are amazing. That’s the name of Zhengde Emperor (Chinese: 正德; pinyin: Zhèngdé) (26 October 1491 – 20 April 1521) was the Ming dynasty Emperor of China between 1505–1521. Born Zhu Houzhao, he was the Hongzhi Emperor’s eldest son. His era name means “Right virtue” or “Rectification of virtue”. I don’t read chinese very well. I try to match the symbols. Thank you for your help.


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