Red Clay

Yixing teawares are prized because their unglazed surfaces absorb traces of the tea, creating a more complex flavour.

For these reasons, yixing teawares should never be washed using detergents, but rather rinsed with water only.

Tea connoisseurs recommend using a separate type of tea cup for specialty teas. It you are a tea lover then you know to brew with the correct Teapot and drink using the right type of tea Cup. Use the proper cup when preparing

Don’t use the same white bone China cups with pink roses or ceramic mugs from the souvenir shops when drinking white, green, oolong, black, or puer) tea’s. Your tea will not achieve it’s full flavour. Also it’s a good idea to sometimes invest in new cups even when you drink only one variety of tea. Retire some of those old Sainsbury’s mugs with the cracklings in the bottom.

Early pots were designed for travel use hence you will see the simple classical look of the pots produced during the Ming dynasty. Most tea drinking enthusiast will have one teapot for travel use, these tend to be less expensive and compact in design. It was not until during the mid-Qing dynasty (18th century) that tea connoisseurs started to use the pot at home and the artisan begin to form them into different shape and sizes. Many exotic forms were conceived. Vessels were decorated with poetic inscriptions, calligraphy, paintings and seals were incised onto the surface of the teapots.

Chinese red clay tea pot set.

This includes Teapot, 8 tasting cups and aroma cups (sniffer cup). The teacups shown here is a service for 8 pairs. aroma cup and tasting cups. Specification for this Tasting set is Cup: Height: 30mm x Diameter: 50mm Capacity: 20 ml and

Aroma Cup: Height: 50mm x Diameter: 33mm Capacity: 20 ml.

The host serves the first Cup. It is the aroma cup is the taller of the two, and is where the tea is initially poured by the host.

To use aroma cup, hold the aroma cup upside-down over the tea.

Then hold the aroma cup to your nose and inhale. The guest then pours the tea into the drinking cup, smell and sip from the newly emptied aroma cup.

The aroma remaining in the cup smells noticeably different from both the aroma of the tea in the cup and that of the dry leaves, and changes subtly as the cup cools.

The guest then drinks from the round drinking cup.

Rinse in cold water when finished. Do not use soap.

The set includes 18 Pieces.


Tea Strainer

8 Aroma Cups

8 Sipping Cups

Great for travel in excellent condition.

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