Old Lustre Still

Early possible Société Céramique made some history in Maestrich.

Then Petrus Regout came along and made Lustre Soup bowls out of clay, dipped them in glaze and named it pottery in the Goudkust pattern I do believe. Earth tone was his favourite. Possibly an early Alpine pattern.

This particular bowl was loved a very long time. Someone’s favourite noodle bowl no doubt. As it appears has gone through many years of good service. It’s the oldest bowl I’ve ever seen. It’s a life that has been very useful. Survived longer than many.

Description looks Moroccan. Old Orange rusty and brown.

Flowers, leaves, geometric lines, swirls and acorns in earth tones come into mind. Throw some chilli and paprika in.

Made in Belgium.

Good to ok condition; He’s not perfect, but no chips except for the bit inside, where it’s discoloured. Perhaps a child nicked it with a spoon once when told to finish the porridge inside.

There are two hairline cracks; one on the base inside and one on the inside top. Looks like it was repaired.

There is graininess and cracklings inside. Outside some of the lustre has been lost; there some of its colour has faded near the base.

It must be hard to be the only one left around. All the others are gone now.

Found this in old lovey bowl in Paris last year. Montmartre to be exact. I was going to keep it, but maybe it belongs in a museum.

The age may be great, but true beauty never fades. The old Lustre is there. I guess even old pots have a life.

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