Why is change so difficult. When there comes a time to change a course or direction. When that moment comes to light that need to transform comes; a wry of cynicism that is so extraordinarily overwhelming; we just know it. But With that reason and by no other reason than the realisation of our own human nature wants to resist; but the true nature within us which is the same in all sentient beings just simply perhaps fear it.

Reasons to initiate change manifest in itself. Reason is part of recurring forces so external to the mind that it can manifest hope, anxiety, fear, and that thought that if I do nothing; or ignore the situation; that it might go away.

We must not abandon hope, but embrace the true, in the singleness of thought, to the practise of reason even when change pose difficulties as hard as it may be.  To map it out, to postulate the false, find truth in existence; finding methods of detecting, reconstructing, acknowledging change with poetics, rhyme, reason and rhythm.

And how does change produce new form when matter decays forever

And what new forms might these be and what purpose serve in an infinite Universe.

Tell me what changes when you make the break.

And we fall apart and stand alone to better find the persons we are,

For it does feel like we’re the same a lot,

And perhaps some part in us gets stronger and more able to endure change of everything else.


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