Temple Flower

The temple flower is not only beautiful, but its scent is like the chemistry of wine or tea. For many generations, the ancients painted this flower on the walls of temples and on papyrus. Even countries across Asia have shared the same imagery. 

The sacred flower not only creates a relaxing sensation of euphoria, and increases vibrations of the heart, but also triggers genetic memory; a good memory with an awakened heart ushering wisdom.

Don’t go quiet on my account. I miss the sound of your voice. I don’t think we are destined to be without love. Because for all it’s worth; you are like fire and I need to feel you breathe for me.

Remember when I looked up at you; your eyes so gentle. “Don’t be afraid,” you said, and reached out and rested your hand upon my heart. There in that space was a heartbeat, a touch lighter than the stroke of a feather. “I’m here. You are safe.”

Photo credit: JHH 

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