Myna Bird

Waking up this morning to the calls of two myna birds croaking, squawking and chirping along with the clicks and whistling whilst fluffing their feathers in their morning ritual bath. I was infatuated watching the two of them bob their head in singing. They bathe every morning in Christopher’s front garden in his pond. He said there were two guppies in the pond, but strangely they have gone missing somehow. 

A few years ago, I would have not dream that I would be here in Sri Lanka, nor did I think I would be so curious as to watch myna birds bathing in the morning outside my window. I loved it here and the sweetness that runs through this place.  

Such a lovely culture here. The people are kind, the land is lush with an incredible variety of fruits, spices and vegetables. Our host has been most kind and generous. I can see why someone might like to stay; perhaps even like to set up residence.  Perhaps Buddha was right. “Change is the only constant in universe.”

Science says that the brain and body are constantly in action; progressively flowing. And from a science perspective, I think it means the brain and body are constantly in motion and fluid and that there’s no such thing as an unchanging self.

It’s a concept I think in which states that our brain and our thoughts are malleable and that it gives the ability and it’s reasoning towards our purpose. 

It means we can even if we don’t like the way something is we change the way we think about it. In many aspects, I think it opens up greater possibilities for growth. This concept can be incredibly liberating. Why? 

Because we not necessarily defined by our thoughts or ideas of who we think we are, but by who we want to be.  The possibilities are endless. We are human and we are about change and it is constant and life is about our being; about adapting and choices.  I think I could watch the myna birds every morning. I might could adapt well here. 

“Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming.”
– Buddha


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