To travel is a transformation of the heart. It is a wondrous thing. Living in your own photos and books; although when I was a youth, I never planned to travel far. But it just started happening. 

When I met Jim, I watched him recording his thoughts backwards and forwards wherever we went.  It was then I began recording mine and it was easy as watching the rain fall onto the trees. Together, it was there in Wales we first began tracing the steps of travelers long gone. Sometimes when we go and see places, it makes me feel like I am a new tree. 

We can relive moments perfect in their certainty. Places like exotic Sri Lanka, sitting at the table with his father enjoying the bounty of his grace and hospitality. From a small boat in the the lagoon today we watched a kingfisher diving for his lunch perched from a mangrove. I had never seen one dive before. The kingfisher was swift and sure; returning with his catch. No doubt. Just beautiful. 

We seek to reclaim certain moments, sounds, sensations; new faces and places that energize us. With feet swift; the scenery changes. It changes me; us. Please stay this way forever, I say to these things I don’t even know yet. To the places haven’t seen yet…Don’t let them go. Don’t let go. 


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