Just Thoughts

They say ambiguity is a type of uncertainty of meaning to which interpretation is not always understood. 

It is an attribute of an idea whose intended meaning is uncertain. 

It cannot be definitively resolved by rules in a infinite number of steps. 

Life can be that way; uncertainty is generally contrasted with vagueness. 

It’s the unknown filled with ambiguity. 

It’s specific to everyone’s distinct interpretation of it. 

When others thoughts and ideas are not always so obvious.  

When in fact the information is vague. 

Why it is difficult to form an interpretation at a desired level to understand its meaning?

We all want to know the meanings of things; to find the perfect endings. 

I’ve learned the hard way. 

That some poems don’t always have to rhyme. 

That some stories don’t always have a clear ending. 

That life is about not knowing how everything is going to turn out. 

That people don’t always literally mean what they say. 

But I do know it’s a good thing to be clear and to be honest when it is about having to make a change. 

Life it’s about compromises, taking risk, trust and respect. 

To love and be loved. 

You have to love. You have to feel. 

It is the reason we are here on earth. 

We are here to risk our hearts. 

We are here to be swallowed up. 

It’s about taking chances and living every moment. 

Perhaps, life is supppose to be somewhat ambiguous… 

Maybe we’re not suppose to know everything ahead of us. 

But what I do believe is I think life should be about making the best of it. 

To be without worry about what’s going to happen next.

To try to find joy even in the saddest places. 

To pursue beauty around me whenever possible.

To never simplify what is complicated. 

And to never complicate what is so simple. 


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