Chicken Soup

Oh, I knew about Jim’s cooking abilities and supposedly seeing what no one else could see quite as perfectly as me regarding his culinary skills when I married him.  It’s almost like that effect when you take that first bite of delicious pizza hot from the oven. His cooking has always had that  affect on me in the way that he always got on with his baked goods… if you know what I mean. 

Yesterday he made his delicious chicken soup with clear consommé broth. Where I come from all we do with chicken is fry the bird. Mmm… homemade chicken soup is amazing! 

Then,  on top of that; Jim grows his own chilli’s and then he cans them. 

Yes, originally I was relatively afraid to let my husband get anywhere near the kitchen, but he has turned out to be a better chef than me! 

It wasn’t because of the outcomes of most of his recipes I was so leary about; it’s because I did all the cooking for so many years. I think it’s wonderful if a man can cook. I guess it just has to be about trusting your partner’s cooking. A lot of things he prepares I would never attempt. So during his cooking creations, I always walk out of the kitchen leaving him to create something from almost nothing; like chicken soup. 


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