Thinking Out Loud

I can only speak one language
You can speak maybe three or five,
I admire that.
Sometimes I hear you talking.

Speaking to another
In French or Spanish or Italian;
I love that!
Thinking out loud.

I wish my brain 
Could speak like you
In more than one language;
In a voice I never heard.

There is an art
To say, “I love you”
In more than one way.

There are two or more words
They say,
To the meanings of everything,
There is more than one understanding
In this world of speaking. 

More languages 
Than anyone could 
Ever imagine. 

This is a world of sounds
Of soundscapes, landscapes
That speak,
And conversation in cafe’s
Of voices on the internet,
And some writing it too. 

I only have one voice,
When it comes to you, 
It’s a language 
I know you’ll understand.

Language is the sound
Of many songs,
How wonderful it is…
That other voice so dear…
How lucky I am!
I came to hear
That voice in you.


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