About Adventure

There is something about an adventure
The beauty and elegance of the road,
Finding places unseen before,
Some more than a thousand years old.

When exploring these hemispheres
I feel there is an essence about it,
An existence not seen by all,
Discovering it’s secrets are sacred.

They exist though pale in the light,
You can see them moments before the dawn 
Just when the light graces the earth,
Wondering if heaven is like this.

I see the nested sparrows rising; 
Listening to the seagulls calling,
The doves cooing in the morning
And pigeons on a fence.

It is a life among mortals, untold
There we are sure to leave no traces,
Only wisdom and it’s full of love there
Guiding all beauty from going astray.

With hearts full of kindness
It’s a place devoid of hate,
And it’s there she loves him truly
And when he truly loves her.

With only one wish; is to the experience 
And to live in world of harmony,
Of peace, love and infinite spaces;
An adventure waiting to unfold.


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