Writing About Ideals

“A battle is to be conducted on behalf of liberty and freedom and against tyranny and oppression.”
-Simon Bainbridge – Napoleon and English Romanticism 
Actually, when writing, there might be purpose;

Is is not the attention of the writer to the reader to engage them into a sense of excitement…

Can one be  induced by tremendous courage when staring into the face of the enemy?

During the time of the Napoleonic Wars; Spain was fighting against Napoleon. 

France; had the most powerful army in the world, Sadly, not anymore. 

Was Napoleon really that harsh? It’s not easy keeping your country from invaders. 

Maybe it’s why we continue to write about history, I think. 

I love history; to learn from it and write to convey these same ideals of freedom from tyranny. 

Writing is about conveying a reason to a purpose where there is an action that is be inspired by the reader taken on to a just cause. 

Could it be seen as a journey from radicalism to conservatism. 

Perhaps I write with a radical stance on a Revolution to a passionate fervour; the battle of good against evil. 

Write to stand up for the safety and surety of its people and it’s nation against oppression. 

Write regardless to the disappointment of others. 

Write for a cause by what a country could be; like in France, what it should do; yet turning out not to be; not ensuing, not defending against the enemy. 

How can I shape my views…

Do I write it down; do I sharing my thoughts?

And although it may not be read by many, just maybe I did my part. 

And where are the The Order of Légion d’Honneur medals hidden?

Where are the French Médaille Militaire and Victorian Crosses yet to be given? 

Where is the resilience of France today and it’s people in the face of the enemy? 

Where is Napoleon today? 

Come on François Hollande! 

I hope you read this. 

I am angry. 

I write to reflect both upon the suffering and the bravery of people. 

But in the end, 

I am just a poet who longs to see her poetry as an expression of liberty and a hope for freedom against tyranny. 

Until we meet again…

American Girl in Wales


Courtesy of the Daul family World War II veteran Ed Daul received the medal in 2004. (Pictured Above)

More about Ed Daul French Medal of Honor: http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/news/local/2015/10/14/world-war-ii-vet-receives-french-honor-medal/73673166/


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