Still Paris

Why is it France that sometimes beckons me

Paris whispers, I  wave, and she cries,

Listening to sounds of her calling us back

Waves of leaving never needing to say goodbye

A last smile before into the oceans crept,

Like waters blanketing tears that she wept

Rushing forth but not without a trace,

With you there, I first saw your beautiful face,

Keeping in mind that when I forget 

That I, long ago, Paris is where

I first fell in love with you there.

Paris still whispers, for we were there. 

14 thoughts on “Still Paris

    1. There is a love of patriotism, a love of loyalty, freedom and a love to a way of life which is great distress now in France today. It threatens the dreams and lives of the many who love Paris. I fear that love of a rich and once divine culture may be ending. That thing that we love about Paris, I fear.

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      1. Who do you fight? ISIS is a few. USA send teams of soldiers who find and destroy. This is terror. Men who want to create fear. We cannot know fear and stand our ground. A war won’t create peace. Have your best soldiers seek and find.

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      2. Why is France not proactive. These terrorists were known. On the list as SYRIAN ISIS members. I believe there is going to be a national front uprising and civil war. President Hollande needs to be booted out. He and his disillusioned Socialist Ways. Maybe he’s in with ISIS.

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      3. I agree. All countries must take action. Weak leaders are not needed. I believe easy fix. Find their source of money. Stop the funding, arrest the terrorist supporters and no money. No guns, no food or land.

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      4. Your right. Its a major destination for immigrants, accepting about 200,000 legal immigrants annually. It is also Western Europe’s leading recipient of asylum seekers, with an estimated 50,000 applications per year.

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