You jump–I Jump

American Girl in Wales


There came the time when he asked to me to be his permanently; to tie the game knot; if you jump, I jump. Believing he to be my fortress and solitude, because things were as equivalently true as Newton’s laws of motion; conversation about marriage would not be held within the confines of himself.

It was never awkward talking about anything; always slow and warm; matter of fact, even discussing the birds and bees which was a lot of fun because of his openness.

It had been weeks of quietness; it’s winter here now and the sun is down by 4:30 everyday. And its so cold here too. I’m in a place where it is I have to wear five layers of clothes to stay warm and hats and scarfs are a must outside.

Anyway the relaxing, summer was over, back to school and speaking of a wedding in Winter…

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