Columbia Road 

My favourite flower is the peony. When I look at what creation has made I see such amazing examples right here on a Sunday; in the middle of London on Columbia Road at the Flower Market…and it was my birthday today. 

These peony flowers spring up to life, nurtured by the sun, water, and soil; A proclamation of the glory of artistry from the earth. They grow and multiply until they reach their glorious peak of colours; everyone orchestrated by creations hand. 

It is the artists that praise your beauty, imitating only to try to capture glory with paint on canvas. For in their eyes you are imagination aspiring. But I wonder can a wildflower not compete with you too? 

Achieving such harmony of tones of contrast require skill and mastery. To be so effective on more levels than the simply aesthetic. I often find myself overcome with joy at the wonder of you. 

Almost as if serenity is evoked only by the specific use of colour scheme nature has made. 

I appreciated the flower market for it’s beauty, thank you… it brought me closer to you. In the heart of a relationship, we are like a peony flower taking root and I feel that I am valued in your eyes. No longer do we compete with the weeds that hinders the growth of our dreams.

We are like the peonies on Columbia Road; we were planted, we are here to live, to love and grow; to become one in a life that is beautiful and creative; for we are here to thrive and if we nurture each other, like the peony…none of us will never fade or wither. 


– American Girl in Wales. 


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