Nature Captured

When all life comes to a surface

All the love I feel opens up,

Like when I see a purple wall,

It’s a colour that can never hide.

These walls echo a silence

Their power is tremendous,

Holding the earth deep inside, 

With a strength without a fault. 

It’s a painting like a Monet

Expression drifting, shifting, 

Flowing into separate colours

Turning into a distinct master piece

Like a murial on heavens gate. 

It’s nature blending her palette 

The colors are personal,

Each shade various,

The colours are vibrant;

Beauty so hard to believe.

Blending deep into these walls 

Into light and shadows bending,

Silent leaves shielding their petals,

The light taking every advantage.

And to see such hues 

Cannot be ignored 

It’s a glory raptured;

Nature captured on canvas. 


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