Vous êtes absente de moi 

Vous êtes absente de moi”

When I find myself in places where I have been where I am going, it makes me feel like I am the lucky one. It’s late. Time for bed. Trying to remember the French you taught me; repeating the words in my head. 
I can’t sleep, so I’m staring up at the ceiling as I lay my head down on the pillow wishing you were here; if you were only an arms length away. But tonight I’m writing. Its late at night; wishing it were me watching you. Watching you write your thoughts down; a time to reflect. 
Those are the moments when I can almost see inspiration burning through your head. 
Reflections are a good thing, I think it helps us remember the people that we love the most close to our hearts. I don’t like missing you, but this kind of missing someone comes from within us; it stays in our memory. Memory it’s a place in our minds where its kept safe for safe keeping. 
It’s peaceful tonight and all I can hear is the softly wind blowing through the trees, trying to remember the sound of you sleeping. 

Have I ever told you that sometimes you snore? Sometimes your breathing sounds as if it were the faint sound of an train whistle. 
Even we are apart; all I know is your being is my being. It’s an awakening within my heart that I do not question. But tonight there is this longing; its an unfamiliar quiet tonight; separated only by distance; Teaching is for the greater good. It requires commitment to duty. 
“For unto whom so much is given, of him shall so much be required.” It means responsibility is a lessor struggle when we able to just accept it. It means we don’t have to search so hard for the answers to the meanings of life. 
It’s as if we have always been here; a part of each other and it’s lovely to think that there are only s few miles that have come between us and not distance. Maybe it’s like that when you miss someone that much? Maybe loving really means you love them that much they already know it. 
The French don’t say, “I miss you.” They say; “tu me manques.” In French it means; “You are missing from me.” “Vous êtes absente de moi.”


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