How To Write “I Love You”

When you can’t think of the right things to say, but you want to send some love with your wishes to someone. Maybe that is what Valentines Day is really about…But sometimes it’s good just to write and a chance to say how you feel and to not necessarily wait for Cupid. 

Personally I know there have been times when I over think things. I become impatient, forgetting about the influences that surround me, but if I wait, eventually the right words will come. 

Then, there are times when I should just sit back and wait for nature to take its course. And in these moments I find writing to seems to serve a purpose for healing and overcoming most obsticles. 

Writing on a bottom of a card, finding a back of a old notebook; just write. Write how your feeling, because it makes makes the experience more personal and that is when it makes the words come from the heart. 

I think some thoughs are sometimes hard to craft, but eventually I know I will find the perfect words. 

Sometimes you just want to tell someone you care and that you love them no matter what.  How do I choose just the right words to say, and in the right form…After all; Isn’t that what Valentines Day is really about and can it be that easy?  Maybe it’s the day set aside to think about how to write; I love you. 


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