Tenho saudades de você


Saudade is a word that is defined as a love that still remains after someone is gone. 

It is the recollection of my feelings about our experiences and the places and  events that have brought pleasure to our lives.

Saudade is a longing I have for you while you have been away. The longing for you has triggered my senses, but then I remember what it like when we are together and that makes me want to live again.

But really, saudade is a love parted and even though it’s only for a few days, there is a feeling of emptiness. There is nothing like truly missing someone; its like the other half of yourself is gone.

And it feels like  particular moments are missing too… I wonder if you feel it? Do you feel this absence too?

Do you think of me at all… Does it bring sad and happy feelings all? 

There is a kind of sadness coming from me and a happiness for having experienced these feeling. I think it might be a good thing after all. Maybe that’s when you know someone really loves you. 

In Portuguese, “Tenho saudades tuas” translates as “I have saudade of you” meaning “I miss you”, but to me, it means much more; it means; “I love you.” Hurry home. 


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