Tarragona Spain


We were in Tarragona Spain to see the Roman remains of the ampatheater. This is a port city located in the north-east of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. 

It is the capital of the Tarragona province, and part of the Catalonia region. 

Geographically, it is bordered on the north by the province of Barcelona. 

 It was fortified by Roman colony by the brothers Publius and Gnaeus Scipio, who converted it into a fortress and arsenal against the Carthagenians. 

The city was first named Colonia Iulia and then it became the capital of the province named after it, Hispania Tarraconensis, in the Roman empire and conventus juridicus.

Augustus wintered at Tarraco after his Cantabrian campaign, and bestowed many marks of honour on the city, among which were its honorary titles of Colonia Victrix Togata and Colonia Julia Victrix Tarraconensis.

An inscribed stone base for a now lost statue of Tiberius Claudius Candidus was found in Tarragona during the nineteenth century. 




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