Take The Cure


This is Brighton Harbor and we’re on way to the South of France. They say travel is the cure for everything.  So it is here where we will spend the night for tomorrow we board the ferry; it’s our passage across the English Channel.

In the 1730’s, as history goes,
And Brighton England really only knows,
When the town entered into anew,
A phase of development it was,
One which brought on rapid improvement
And to some; say it’s fortunes too.

There came a new fad for living,
It was drinking and bathing seawater,
A purported cure; as it was reported,
For any illnesses was the lure,
So enthusiastically encouraged
That Dr Richard Russell himself reported.

When the Doctor sent many patients
To “take the cure” in the sea,
At Brighton, published a popular read;
When the already wealthy came to see,
No doubt for recreational purposes,
It was believed.

This made Dr Russell famous; its true
As his pescription for the salty sea
Made many well and healthy for sure,
Making Brighton even more attractive
For the many selective.

But after too much salt, sand and sun,
Soon Brighton became a departing port And a ferry boarding point enhanced,
Where one could escape all this fun
On a new passage bound,
To the south of France.


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