Glimpses of Light

Who would hardly believe it, but for those of you who have been my faithful readers; it’s almost our one year anniversary. And almost two years ago when I began writing about my life here in Swansea. For those of you who have followed; I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate each of you and to thank you for reading. 
Still, every morning, Jim brings me the warmth of his smile; like the steaming cups of tea made with care with glimpses of eternity and the showings of hope and it is when I see that lovely Welsh humility. 

Jim is a teacher you know…teaching young hearts the whispering of knowledge into the light. He still teaches me things too. And if I hadn’t told you so yet, I just wanted to say; “Thank you for sharing your Wales with me.”

So, together we will walk on hill and shore in a sweet silence and without questions of “are you sure?” There is comfort here and it’s to know that we shall not tread alone. It is amazing how we came to be together; Here in love, in this beautiful Swansea; where there is no stumbling and sitting, writhing nor weeping.

This is Three Cliffs Bay. And when Jim showed it to me for the first time; I just melted. For it had turned out to be a gorgeous day if you know what I mean! How he takes time to share these days with such beautiful scenery. 

I can’t believe how beautiful it is here and practically a few miles from our house. Three Cliffs Bay, is on the south coast of the Gower Peninsula in the City and County of Swansea, Wales. The bay takes its name from the three sea cliffs that jut out into the bay. Pennard Pill is a large stream. It’s a river flowing into the sea in the middle of the bay.

Imagine me; here with this magnificent beauty before me; And me, an American Girl from Texas meets a British boy, falls in love; leaves America, moves to Wales, gets married, together they buy a house; they redecorate; and after all is said and done; Jim and I completed the transition happily. 

The two of us, living, loving and to the vows of the sacred ever after. The story so profound, ringing the sounds of a story book romance. 

It was only a year ago when I first began writing and photographing Wales. And I wanted to share my story mostly for the simple reason that I wanted others to see and feel this Wales experience I was having. 

If it were not for you, I would have never seen Wales, nor started writing like this if it hadn’t been for my Jim; but with his encouragement, convincing me to see it with my very own eyes; now I have the privilege to actually see you with my very own eyes!   

He was my Wales and who would know?When I got here; when I saw him… I looked into my beloved’s eyes for the very first time. And it was as if I could feel him just as much as I could see and hear and taste. 


My Wales; and it is why I would come to love; inasmuch as the people, culture, ancient history, and amongst the villages and vales by the sea. By mountain and hill where you have brought me thus far . “Oh, how breath-taking you are and I just wonder if you even know just how beautiful you truly are?”  

All I know, it’s where the blackberry grows wild, where the seagulls sing beautiful songs.
Learning that there is only one truth in life and the truth is to love and to be loved. And that the story of love is not as important in just saying it, but to be given the capability to love; that is the most important thing.  That the capacity to love is perhaps is that glimpse of eternity that we have been permitted to enter into. 

So I think Jim and I have been permitted just as.. Swansea will be our nest and from now on, this will be the place I’ll think of as home; and us in this place, discovering that our capability to love is the most important thing in life: that life here it is more than a glimpse; finding that the capacity to love…it is the moment of light. 


Excerpts from, “A Little Bit of Texas in Swansea” By Katie Murphy. 
Other books by this author;

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