Norbutt and Doris Daily News

They had only just drifted off to sleep, or so it seemed, but now someone had wakened them. They had both thought about quite longingly of just rolling over onto their side and allowing sleep to claim them again when they heard the soft sounds of someone moving closer, sounding as if they were practically sliding across the hay to the holding pen. The humans were approaching them and they were aware of how much noise the other sheep were making. He baaa’d slightly at the sound of them. It was enough to wake the dead. 

As his eyes adjusted to the sun in the late afternoon. Doris and Norbutt watched as two seemingly blobs of people moved their way towards them. 

It was only as they drew closer that one could see those human attached to legs to a human. “Oh great!” Another darker blue ribbon. It was harder to spot in the midst of the afternoon. It was Norbutt’s of course, it would be Norbutt’s. 

Maybe we should really would just roll over and go back to sleep. “Doris, are you awake?” It was soft and hushed and it made him snort with a baa. A whole group of all of them woke up after all of that racket!

“Don’t be a geezer, of course I’m awake.” He managed to keep the sting out of his words although he often felt as if Doris tested his patience with that every single day. 

She had the kind of personality that he had  often dreamed about. His nerves were never strained when she was around and his sensibilities always affectionate towards Doris. 

Still, he wasn’t a terrible ram even if all he ever wanted to do was watch Rugby replays and reruns of Lewis Hamilton F1 races from 2013. Oh well, we all can’t be warriors. And Norbutt generally liked watching whatever Doris had on the TV except for police and crime shows and even if it tested his patience.  

They had been standing all day in the middle of the pen and knackered from no food.   Right now, he was definitely feeling less than a bit charitable, but he tried to push past that. “What is it, Doris? “Did you get another blue ribbon?” In a tone from her voice as she questioned her friend.

“Yes,” Norbutt answered honestly, with little preamble. It always shocking with how easily the other admitted to his faults. 

Norbutt had spend much of his life being told how good he must be, being shown examples of youngsters that never lived up to the expectations set for them, and being instilled with the pompous sense of priority that knowing he would be the leader of all of these things one day. Admitting to be something is as hard as being scared. It was a weakness, and something easily exploited by others and yet Doris could tell him this without turning a hair. 

“I’m proud of you, Norbutt.” He rippled out a baa. “Thank you Doris.  Go back to sleep now.” “Ok Norbutt.”


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