Ebb Tide


Every sound I hear echos throughout these cliffs.  It flows into my windows like the rush of waves hurrying to the shore. The swells are incredible; it’s like a story billowing with great upsurge bringing words and thoughts to my mind. I remember the first time I heard it. I can still hear it. And so, together we formed our thoughts; these thoughts became our words and it is with these words that our writing began. 

Some of the tones were like the wind in reverberating rhythms. It resonates making me want to listen more intensely as if I were anticipating the things that one waits their whole life to hear; even if there were some uncertainty in the knowledge of its reasoning. There is no surety of a great novel; but within there is the hope of achieving something greater and to inspire others to write is…it could be a life of purpose and a life worthy of its acheivement. Simply, it is an inspiration worth waiting for. 

You are the romance ready to be written; fluid; the coming out of the hero saving the heroine in an epic romance; it’s like one that is too hard to ignore. To never read it would be like not noticing the rain when it gently falls upon ones face during a spring shower in Wales. To never write; to me, would be like denying history; or a nonfiction truth in a book once it has already been written…You can’t.  It would be like trying to hold back the tides. We cannot read the rain, but it’s we can see it and hear it; because we know it’s there; it exists.  

This place is the book of our life where the words are the currents.  It’s where our love rises to and from in the ebb of everyday. 

It’s where we rest and it’s where we live and it’s where all the noises of the world have become the quiet. It is a place I love; it’s where my soul is at peace just from reading your points of light and it is here for the listening to your stories about the highs of living. 

That’s is where I am; it’s where we are… In the place where our hearts can wonder; where the ebb of affection flows in the favor of your eyes everyday. 

Upon this mountain all fear has been left behind and all that’s left is admiration. There is no more worry about things that don’t matter or questions about finding our place in this world.  This is our story revelling in heaven’s dizzy splendor. And it’s here in our new house; it’s where we roam together and to me; it’s our home and it’s where life just doesn’t get much better than this. 

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