My Song


It’s about that smile; 

When you give a little bit, of it…

I feel a lot of happy in return,

And it’s when you look at me

It’s that exuberant charm I yearn;

It’s your style; maybe;

Drives me crazy. 
And that’s what I enjoy

About you boy; The way you go

You’re special; almost never coy 

Like no one else I know. 
True friends ready to go,
Ready to see the world,

With our own way to love

It’s how we grow;

Think you should know.
It’s how we give; 
It’s how we live,

Needs no rhyme,

Doesn’t need a reason,

It’s the season,

If you just take the time,

It’s your love I feel 

Every day a little more,

Now you know the score, 

Because I can see it in your face;

When its a love shared, 

Showing someone you care

Ain’t Nothing can take it’s place. 


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