Ode to Living


There are places as light as the breeze

It’s a healing kind of place and a softness 
Like the blues of myth and myrrh. 
Wales is a smile that plays continuously 
Across thin curving sweet lips. 

It’s almost like a discovery;

Finding a shelf of captains logs,

Where books of shipwrecks were once kept
Preserved in waters so deep. 
Complete with charts, compass and sexton
Used to navigate a sea of treasures 

Recording the many lives we keep,

Of those in our hearts 

But never lost in the steep. 

But still, they open their birth 
Not in a silence, but in wind and song
Singing praises of those in our memory
Who were once here, but are now gone
Captivated in wordless rhythms
Of our hearts.
And there, to my great surprise;

Each person and lyric is to be remembered,

So, we began to hum and sing,
Chanting of life, land and the sea 
Of hope and love and you

It’s an ode to living life

And things yet to be. 


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