Marsh Lambs

If anyone were to tell me that Swansea is not the most beautiful place in the world; I could never believe them. I think that the Gower is proof. If you don’t believe me; take a drive through the Gower on a Sunday. 

Everything was so green; the sheep dotted the road and fern marshes and hills; wild ponies were everywhere along the estuary with their fouls laying along the roads; dozing in the sun on the commons. Just being there in the Gower makes me want to own a derelict old stone farmhouse and fix it up. It could be somewhere I could go on the weekends and write and have that inspiration, there in the Gower. 


I went to the Gower festival this weekend When I arrived there was a Dog Show going on for cross breeds. We had taken the dogs with us; Beau and Daze; so naturally I had to enter them. I’m not partial to them, well maybe a little! And of course I had to enter them. They both got ribbon! Beau got fifth place for the breed with the most beautiful eyes! Daze won fourth place for the dog the judge would like to take home. I couldn’t believe it! I had that cheeky smile on my face the rest of the day. You know that smile; it’s the one where Jim makes fun of me when I do it; like a swell with pride; smiling like I just had invented something witty. 

As we were driving back, we took an alternative route since the roads were so busy. As a result we discovered Weobley Castle where we bought a marsh lamb; but just the part leg portion of course. We had it for dinner. It was delicious!  


Weobley is one of the few surviving fortified manor houses in Wales. There aren’t many places in the world left were you can stand in the same window as someone did half s millennium ago and witness the same unspoilt view; much less have a chance to taste the bounty of the marsh and it’s lambs from so many generations ago. The view from the North Gower marshland, mudflat and estuary is such a rare and enchanting place in Swansea.

That is when I find myself in places where I have been and where I am at now, I feel so lucky. Staring up at the ceiling as I lay in my bed, with thoughts racing through my head; I can hear the wind blowing through the trees and the faint sounds of waves as they struggle to push and resend. We are in the new house and my being is awakened within my heart. 

No longer do I struggle to search for the answers; because now I know I was meant to be here. A lot of the time has past and today, I know there more answers than questions. I love Swansea. It’s as if I am a part of Swansea now and just maybe it’s a part of me too. 

From A Bit of Texas in Swansea; pub; South Wales Evening Post, August 23, 2015. By Katie Murphy


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