Norbutt and Doris at Home

Everything in Wales has an influence to the nature of life; to its people, in that I find myself so close to earth. I think it was just a reason to be happy and so it seems to me that it’s more like a celebration of life and spirit; It’s why I love it here with Jim. 
We are in our new house. There is beautiful scenery and the one I love is here and it’s why I have chosen to stay and remain; perhaps a bit green, to be open to everything, and to be always ready to explore, discover and to stay naive. I love Swansea and The Gower. It’s scent and all the colours of hills dotted with white face sheep cover the wide open marshes. 

I will always have a need for the Beauty here and for Jim; that our life together will be like living on the edge of a cloud top in the mountains. As it were a vale of emeralds with its hills with our new sheep; Norbutt and Doris and wild blackberry bushes and the ancient oak trees everywhere, and in our new home; finally. 


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