A View From My Window

There is a feeling of calm when the moment comes when you finally settle in a place. And when it comes, it comes comes with a purpose and permanence because there is no place like home. We finally completed the transfer! I’m a property owner in Wales! Can you believe it? Some days I just have to pinch myself.

The long days are greatly welcome. Here it’s as if day and night are one in the same. It’s the summer solstice that makes it that way, but I don’t mind because I see the summers here in Wales as a gift; where every day I see something new.

Today, I held a baby sparrow in my hand. I rescued it from Jumpz, the cat. Although I realise the cat has a job to do and as a witness, nevertheless, he does it very well; keeping the house and yard clear of intruders and unwelcome guest.

However, today was different. Here in Swansea, the sun begins to rise about 4:00 A.M. and it certainly messes with my internal clock. 

As I was making the beds this morning, I watched him playing with something, but I couldn’t tell what it was. He was laid out on the grey stone steps stretching out on his back in the garden, just under the box woods that line the walk.
He whirled about as if he was on catnip or something; I could see him from the upstairs bedroom window wallowing about like he was experiencing some kind of ecstasy. I was entranced watching him play, but my curiosity got the best of me. I had to go see for my self.

When I first arrived on the scene, Jumpz watched me as I watched him. There was a look on his face; almost like a look of guilt.

 As I approached and came closer, he began flopping around like he was trying to cover something up. You know like when your in the the act of something your not suppose to be doing? Have you ever been caught with your hand in the cookie jar? Or have you ever been somewhere your really not suppose to be?

Perhaps we’ve all been there; but I see Jumpz start trying to think up an excuse as if he had a reason for covering up something. The closer I came to culprit, he naturally became protective of his prize catch. He began the wiggling, rolling over on it with figety paws in defense as I reached down to have a closer look.

It was a baby bird! I reached for it, as I could see it was still alive! “Oh Jumpz!” I said, “what have you done?” He pawed my hand, grazing it just barely, but it was if he knew it wasn’t quite right.  

He could have taken the little bird’s life, but he didn’t. It would be his nature to do so, and in knowing he’d been caught, he surrendered his booty. He did his job fulfilling his purpose. 

The poor little thing was shaking and it’s eyes were shut tight. I held it in my hand; cupping this little wild thing; thinking who am I to interfere with nature. It’s a miracle it’s still alive. I could feel the rapid beat of its heart. I examined it; there were no injuries. So I held it up against my breast, stroking its wings gently. 

Then, it opened its eyes as And flew away. It just goes to show you what can happen if you take the time to stop and pay attention, to take things slow and be patient. 

The garden can be a magical place. It’s different now because I’m a part of it now. Wales and especially Swansea, has given me back that sense of belonging and more so Swansea is within me. It’s my home and it’s where there is a purpose, learning about patience for even the smallest of things. 

By Katie Murphy https://americangirlinwales.wordpress.com


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