“To everything a reason and for everything has a purpose.” ~ Jumpz, the Cat

The long days are greatly welcome. Even when it rains when the sun is shining.

Summer is here and it’s as if day and night are almost one in the same.

They say…It’s the summer solstice that makes it that way.

I don’t mind because I see the summers here in Wales as a gift.

It is where every day I see something new and here with you.  

Yesterday, the cat was holding a baby bird hostage and when I discovered it was still alive, I asked him to let it go. 

Of course, he refused, saying that it was his; that he was just doing what he was suppose to. 

“Indeed,” I said, “then why are you trying to hide it?”

He just stared at me like that after I rescued the little bird. 

So I took this photo like that. 

I thanked him for his purpose; I could tell he wasn’t happy. 

The baby bird was completely alright and without harm, just a little scared. 


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